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Becoming by DarkTwilightCrystal
Becomingby Twilight
Naruto left Konoha years ago, and comes back years later. At first, people don't recognize him, which pleases, yet disgusts Naruto. But then, Neji and Hinata come along...
Becoming Jane by littleLo
Becoming Janeby Laura
Being clever in a time where women were taught to sit on their hands has always plagued Jane 'Little J' Alcott. She has always been laughed at and has learned to accept...
[MTL]Shenhao: The Revenue From Playing Games Is Over 100 Million Yuan by DonnaMariano149
[MTL]Shenhao: The Revenue From PurplePhoenix22
Details Short Title : RFPGO100 Alternate Title : 神豪:打打游戏收入过亿 Status [Edit] : Completed Author : I Love Burning Noodles Genre : Harem, Romance, Urban Life Novel Summary S...
Hidden by lovexang3l
Hiddenby 𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦𝘭
Hide who you are so they can't see your vulnerable side. Hide your beauty so you know how they act when you have flaws. "I hate it!" I hate this so much. I...
Being Chaos by SuperGirlWithTheBook
Being Chaosby call me cas
They never came looking. They never found me. I was tortured for months in plain sight, yet no one rescued me. I guess my torturer had finally decided I was useless aft...
The Teens Of St Teresa's  by ThisBigDreamerIsMe
The Teens Of St Teresa's by Anushree Loiwal
What was Mayra Mehra's life of sixteen years was packed into boxes and a American Tourister , to be shipped to St Teresa 's High , situated in a place she would rather...
The great interdimensional road trip (Abused! Bullied! male reader x crossover) by Keryzule
The great interdimensional road Keryzule
Ebony Xiao long-rose had been tormented all his life and when his one and only friend offers him an out, he takes it without hesitation.
Becoming The Luna {Book 2} by stardust_unicorn
Becoming The Luna {Book 2}by stardust_unicorn
BOOK #2 Sequel to: Finding My Alpha. 《NAOMI》 My world came crashing down. what seemed perfect looked broken. But, what's broken can be fixed right ? I need him back. I...
Guinevere (Book 1) by FaerieFaye27
Guinevere (Book 1)by FaerieFaye27
**Re-editing in progress: Chapters 1-5 re-edited as of 7th June 2024** A story about one of the most famous female characters in historical legend; Guinevere. This is a...
Soul to Dust by AmeliaForEli
Soul to Dustby LazyAmeliaforEli
Life was never fair to me, Fate was never fair to me, Even destiny was never fair to me. Killing myself should be the only option left to me... But why the heck am I a s...
How to Contact your Spirit Guides(hiatus) by True_Slytherin_Heir
How to Contact your Spirit Guides( Asena Wolf
Find out how to learn what your spirit animals are and learn to communicate with them. Become one with the environment of your spirit animal. And become a creature of na...
Falling Love by riceygirl101
Falling Loveby 𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐄𝐘
She has the ability to make anyone fall in love with her and control them while also being able to see who they love the most. And she's the daughter of infamous villain...
Becoming Him. by Heartbreaker99_
Becoming LifeofJiJi
"Remember that weird kid Bryce, he still has his glasses but... Uh... He changed over the summer"
Becoming A Vampire by jadaes
Becoming A Vampireby jadaes
Do you like vampires? I bet you do I bet your little sister likes vampires I bet your mom likes vampires l bet almost every single girl on the face of the earth like...
My Unpopular Opinions as a Woman and a Black Woman by Courtttttttttney
My Unpopular Opinions as a Woman Court🤪
Hi everyone. these are my opinions that might be unpopular. This book is for every woman of all colors. You are all welcome! You do not have to agree with any of these...
Yes, I was Reincarnated into "Akagami no Shirayukihime"! by NoctusFury
Yes, I was Reincarnated into " Noctus Fury
[Isekai AU] What would you do if you were suddenly reincarnated as a child into the world of || Akagami no Shirayukihime ||? What would happen if you also have a twin si...
Dorothy by graceandherpen
Dorothyby Grace Adebayo
- Dorothy is a short story about an 18-year-old girl, on the road to self-discovery. A 7-day trip leads to a memory of a lifetime. She's waking up to love notes, startin...
I Want To Know (ON HOLD) by moonlittears21
I Want To Know (ON HOLD)by no
Ahlam Zayan was 18 when she discovered that best friends can in in fact betray you. No matter how close they are. She was 18 when these wounds were sliced against her be...
The Sunflower That Grew By Moonlight by SunsetStanley
The Sunflower That Grew By Destiny
A collection of poems written by Destiny "Sunset" Stanley. These pieces were written from the age of 13 up until now at 19. Each piece was written during a tim...