Fair Game ↬ Bellamy Blake [1] by BeautyAndMarie_
Fair Game ↬ Bellamy Blake [1]by Marie
❝He inhaled through his nose, a big and long pull. All his strange derogatory ways disappeared, and he became a soldier❞ [season one & two] Fair Game Copyright © 2016, B...
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Shoot to Thrill (Supernatural fanfic) by insaneredhead
Shoot to Thrill (Supernatural insaneredhead
Bound by tragedy and blood to a dangerous, otherworldly mission, two brothers and a sort of sister travel in mysterious back roads of the country in their '67 Chevy Impa...
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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (BOOK ONE~ Ninja of Mischief) by authenticwriting
Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu ( Hannah Grace
Season One|Book One: Ninja of Mischief --Started August 1st, 2016-- --Completed August 22rd, 2016-- *IN THE PROCESS OF EDITING* After the Ninja had saved Ninjago from bo...
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LAW OF ATTRACTION ↠ JAKE -`ˏ b u n n y ˎ´˗
In which a good girl and a player become attracted to each other [Scream Season One]
  • interracial
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  • bwwm
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Cutlass (Arrow: Book One) by HeartofVengeance
Cutlass (Arrow: Book One)by HeartofVengeance
Anna Knight had been stranded on the island on Lian Yu for six months before she met Oliver Queen and together, they spent the next five years surviving hell. Being an...
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  • cutlass
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Sapphire (Book One, Arrow) by heartofice97
Sapphire (Book One, Arrow)by Tiffany
Jillian "Jill" Wright has been through hell, and when she's stranded on an island, that hell only gets worse. She loses her sister, Amy, and she's all alone un...
  • arrow
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Fall For You | Allison Argent [1] by TobintheGreat
Fall For You | Allison Argent [1]by TobintheGreat
"Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you." Her name is Sage McCall. She's the one who trys to avoid any signs of trouble, but with Scott and...
  • seychellegabrielle
  • allisonargent
  • teenwolf
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There Are Two Speedsters?! [The Flash] [Discontinued] by WritingIsMyLife2357
There Are Two Speedsters?! [The WritingIsMyLife2357
[Season 1] What would happen if Barry Allen wasn't the only one that got struck by lightning? What if there was another speedster? ~~~~~~~ Riley is the new reporter for...
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Two Bites // Scott McCall ( On Hold) by Scira-
Two Bites // Scott McCall ( On Sierra
One forest located in a place called Beacon hills, comes with secrets that people never knew about. Until three certain people come along and discover what lies in the d...
  • derekhale
  • scottmccall
  • teenwolf
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DISCONTINUED- Broadchurch S1 || Alec Hardy || Reader Insert by sleepy_jpg
DISCONTINUED- Broadchurch S1 || ren
The murder of Daniel Latimer has left the town of Broadchurch unsettled and restless. Join Alec in trying to solve the case, while maybe even making some personal connec...
  • broadchurch
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Lost || Alec Lightwood *Season One* /UNDER MAJOR EDITING/ by Shadowhuntersx3
Lost || Alec Lightwood *Season Aᴅᴇʟɪɴᴇ
Meet Claire Lewis, she is the sister of the new vampire Simon Lewis. She wanted no part in the shadow world along with Simon but she stayed because she meets someone, bu...
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Oil & Water • H.Stark (DISCON.) by d3athbeds
Oil & Water • H.Stark (DISCON.)by ♡
[Includes scenes from CA:TFA - Agent Carter S1 & S2 - Captain America: Civil War] Marilyn O'Connel ends up working as Erskine's assistant during Project Rebirth and meet...
  • howard
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Battle Wounds | Stiles Stilinski. [1] by voidstiles-24
Battle Wounds | Stiles maxii
Moving to a new town, Rachel Argent never thought in a million years her life would change, and her past would come back to haunt her. [Book one of the Rachel Argent ser...
  • allisonargent
  • teenwolf
  • stilesxoc
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Sophomore Year [glee fanfic, Finn Hudson] by tallANDawkward
Sophomore Year [glee fanfic, tallANDawkward
Set at the beginning of Season 1. Lynsey Collins, is a cheerio who joins the New Directions to get extra credit. But here boyfriend Matt Rutherford wishes she hadn't.
  • kurthummel
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Murder House||Tate Langdon by fxckstylesX
Murder House||Tate Langdonby alićia💘
"Hi I'm Tate, I'm dead, wanna hook up?"
  • fanfiction
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  • seasonone
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New Possibilities (Doctor Who) by IThriveAtNight
New Possibilities (Doctor Who)by IThriveAtNight
Life was normal for Lily, normal and boring. She’s twenty-three and still living at home, though by her own choice, she still wished she could get out. She stayed to hel...
  • 9thdoctor
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T E E N W O L F ❝ love; indefinable. ❞ In which Luna really has nothing apart from him. plotline | teen wolf s1 oc | teen wolf
  • isaaclahey
  • allisonargent
  • stydia
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Monster→ Klaus by footloose_
Monster→ Klausby footloose_
In need of someone to help her through the times to come, Hayley convinces Eve Steele to accompany her on her journey in New Orleans. But things aren't as they appear...
  • neworleans
  • seasonone
  • theoriginals
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Vera Pyra (The Flash) (Book One) by plltwtvd1997
Vera Pyra (The Flash) (Book One)by Danielle
Vera Mitchell is no stranger to heartbreak, pain and devastation. Her family died in a tragic fire when she was a little girl, and it doomed her to a life of anger and d...
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Agent Ever (Book One, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D) by heartofice97
Agent Ever (Book One, Agent of Tiffany
Agent Ever has spent her childhood in hell, and she was only saved from it by S.H.I.E.L.D. So, now that she's of age, she is able to become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D herse...
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