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Becoming Happy | A Romance Novella by Katherynnicolee
Becoming Happy | A Romance Novellaby KATHERYN
When Krista Taylor's house becomes infested with rats three weeks after she moves in, her parents turn to their insurance specialist - despite their beliefs - to house t...
  • badboy
  • lovehate
  • happy
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I Want To Know by moonlittears21
I Want To Knowby nORy
Ahlam Zayan was 18 when she discovered that best friends can in in fact betray you. No matter how close they are. She was 18 when these wounds were sliced against her be...
  • trust
  • marriage
  • friendstolovers
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Begin To Be by _stagefright_
Begin To Beby Laiba Farhan
"You are the only one that can help us. Otherwise many people are going to die" The woman spoke with urgency. "Um, as delightful as that sounds I have a h...
  • become
  • crime
  • responsibility
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Clouded Thoughts by KejsiGerdeci
Clouded Thoughtsby + D R E A M C A T C H E R +
Just clouded thoughts. Ato mendime qe nuk kane ikur nga mendja juaj dhe doni t'i shprehni diku. Requests: OPEN and FREE. Status: Anonymous
  • muse
  • korean
  • confessions
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Becoming August by AutumnRWren
Becoming Augustby Autumn Wren
***updates every Mon and Wed*** The black sheep of his tribe, August has always wanted to be accepted. His dad, the Chief, promotes prosperity, and everyone expects Augu...
  • wren
  • series
  • rayoth
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Produce 101, Produce 48, Idol School, Mixnine, BECOMING, tous sont des survivals au succès international. BECOMING permet à 10 trainee de rejoindre WAA Entertainment, et...
  • fille
  • épreuve
  • idole
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A School For The Gifted by Wolfgirl060
A School For The Giftedby If you focus on what you left...
Here I am, in the back of my parent's old car, heading towards hell. Why do I have to go? I had brilliant friends, I loved my teachers and I had a happy life. When Alexa...
  • love
  • different
  • enimies
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Pretenders by skylesstars
Pretendersby Suli
"How four paths crossed" When the teachers at Livingston High decide maybe seniors need more than the pythagorean theorem to take away from their high school e...
  • becoming
  • findingyourself
  • bria
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Maybe, Probably by Galaxybear2005
Maybe, Probablyby Galaxybear2005
This is Cassie's first year in Ravenwood Middle School, and mid-semester a new girl shows up. at first sight, Cassie is intrigued. accompanied by her best friend Alex...
  • stress
  • lgbtq
  • discovery
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Sudden Change by aysha_ikrimah
Sudden Changeby aysha_ikrimah
The story is about two people,first Zalina who is deeply Inlove with Sadiq,but life has something in store for her she later on got married to someone she never loved .w...
  • blind
  • becoming
  • mrs
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The Steps to become a Lady by TheOriginalBree
The Steps to become a Ladyby Bree
Highest Ranking: #17 in Teen(June 13, 2019) Seventeen-year-old Samantha Thomas isn't your typical girl. She's just one of the boys. She was very close with her grandfath...
  • bwwm
  • tomboy
  • interracial
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The Freyhollow Chronicles: Alvina by larnakauthor
The Freyhollow Chronicles: Alvinaby Larna Kleinschmidt
April Hollowwick knew little about life and less about love. What she knew came from the nurse who snuck books into the orphanage for her. Her co-worker from the orphana...
  • becoming
  • trueloveneverdies
  • knights
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Default Title - Write Your Own by SomeWriter323
Default Title - Write Your Ownby SomeWriter323
  • showbiz
  • highschool
  • drama
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GOAT: A Fable on Becoming Your Truest Self by ErikaViktor
GOAT: A Fable on Becoming Your Erika Viktor
Soule loves the goats in his herd, especially Mama Maa, his mother. But as he grows he realizes something is terribly wrong. He doesn't think like the other goats do. He...
  • mysticism
  • parable
  • fable
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The Warrior's Journey by MoonycatTheWarrior
The Warrior's Journeyby ( ^ω^ )
You've seen the typical name generator or role play: Pick a name, go hunting, participate in your favorite clan. But this name generator/rp is different. Journey through...
  • namegenerator
  • thechoiceprophecy
  • warriors
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Becoming The Luna {Book 2} by stardust_unicorn
Becoming The Luna {Book 2}by stardust_unicorn
BOOK #2 Sequel to: Finding My Alpha. 《NAOMI》 My world came crashing down. what seemed perfect looked broken. But, what's broken can be fixed right ? I need him back. I...
  • love
  • sequel
  • werewolf
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Deception by ElaineKuriger
Deceptionby Singer455
Carolina isn't your average young woman. In her mind, she feels as though she is, but everyone in the outside world knows otherwise. In order to save her from a tragic m...
  • whoami
  • scienceexperiment
  • becoming
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Who is on Your Team? by daisypricilla27
Who is on Your Team?by Daisy Pricilla
On the other hand, someone's helpful criticism, advice, or Becoming Limitless Review other expertise doesn't necessarily have to spell failure for us. Consider the stori...
  • becoming
  • limitless
  • review
Becoming Rachel by TheLittlePill
Becoming Rachelby Rachel
These are just my feelings and how I need to let it out. I am just a person who thoughts my words on the wall and just leaving them to influence others, or chance how so...
  • cigs
  • revenge
  • overcoming
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Position Yourself Into Success by samsanjana
Position Yourself Into Successby Shalini D
If you think you can live without problems Becoming Limitless Review you will find out that everything comes with its own set of problems or setbacks. I think that the t...
  • becoming
  • limitless
  • review