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Lapis Lazuli X Fem Half Gem Reader by LeoBirb
Lapis Lazuli X Fem Half Gem Readerby Àkolius
Okay I could give you a description of the story and get you interested in the book, or you know, you could just read. (Updates are irregular.) Disclaimer- Don't own tit...
Stars and Diamonds by GreenEndai
Stars and Diamondsby Endai
Highest Rank: #1 White Pearl #4 in DiamondAuthority and #9 in StevenUniverse Brought into the world by Pink Diamond, Orange finds being raised to be a Diamond isn't as p...
Sally, The Crystal Gem by -summertimesun
Sally, The Crystal Gemby bleh
Sally was supposedly a girl with amnesia. She is a girl who was found by two humans. Scientists can't explain what she is, nor can anyone else. When she moves to Beach C...
Gold by potterheadtwihard17
Goldby potterheadtwihard17
My take on Once Upon a Time, But with my own character, Claire Carter. It will follow seasons 1-7 and will most likely be compiled all into one book Also I want to say...
Just Us || Jasper X Gem!Reader by tadah-
Just Us || Jasper X Gem!Readerby -ˏˋˎˊ˗
{{Story takes place some time around Jailbreak}} After Pink Diamond's shattering, thousands of gems are forced to choose between Yellow and Blue Diamond's courts as a ne...
Steven Universe: Homeworld's last stand (Remake) by Galaxy_Story
Steven Universe: Homeworld's Galaxy_Story
(Takes place months after Steven universe future) Not a good deed ever goes unpunished for Steven, one day, a new threat emerges that sends earth and homeworld into chao...
Steven Universe Scenarios by winnieiscalmeth
Steven Universe Scenariosby winnieiscalmeth
Scenarios about SU characters. Some characters are from Future and others from the classic
Steven Universe x Male Half gem reader by Creamyrose22
Steven Universe x Male Half gem Amy darose
Okay so I have seen many SU x Male reader books but many of them are with either a Gem reader or Human. Not many have a Half gem reader so this is my own version of one...
You're a Cat by DaW3ird1
You're a Catby Axol_Artist
A concept that I've had for awhile where you have to try to protect Steven from his future, but as a cat. (This story begins after Bubble Buddies) (also Steven Names yo...
Garnet X Reader (Completed) by forknspon
Garnet X Reader (Completed)by -
This is a Garnet x Reader. Its mostly kid friendly. Also, you are a 14 year old girl, who is human, half gem. Hope you like! ❤
Gray Mist Steven Universe x Male Reader by MachineHerald
Gray Mist Steven Universe x Male Machine Herald
A gray gem with a mysterious and mirky past escapes from his prison beneath the home of the Crystal Gems. An assassin without a purpose left to discover what it is he tr...
The Black Diamond by OmegaWilliam95
The Black Diamondby Omega
When the strongest race unexpectedly dies out by an unknown being, its reincarnation takes the form of their natural resources.
Better Together by soleOnyx
Better Togetherby Sole
|Steven x Male reader| This story follows Y/n, a young boy. His mother had given up her physical form to give birth to him, which left him alone with his abusive father...
Steven Universe Half Gem Reader Insert by Sithmaul
Steven Universe Half Gem Reader Sithmaul
(Y/N) had to move to Beach City when their parents were having a rough patch, so they sent (Y/N) to their Uncle's house. But what the Uncle didn't know about was (Y/N)'s...
Steven Universe: Dragonstone by SelemenceTube
Steven Universe: Dragonstoneby SelemenceTube
During the gem war the diamonds ordered the creation of a powerful gem to turn the tide of war, the Dragonstone, a gem that was used to destroy and rampage through anyth...
Where? Garnet x Female reader by depressoesspress0
Where? Garnet x Female readerby Lapis
Explained in Info in book
✓ THE DRIVE ( jughead jones ) by -rosepetal
✓ THE DRIVE ( jughead jones )by PHEEBS
[DISCONTINUED] ❝ ALL WE DO IS THINK ABOUT THE FEELINGS THAT WE HIDE. ALL WE DO IS SIT IN SILENCE ❞ 💜🐍 • ₊°✧︡ ˗ In which no one's secrets stay hidden for...
The Adventures of Y/N and Steven universe by Dweebiepepple
The Adventures of Y/N and Steven Mr.Pebble
"All of this started just because of the little kid" "I said I wouldn't get into anything chaotic and promised ??" "but here I am chilling with...
A Living Machine (A Steven Universe FanFic) by Dunked_oN
A Living Machine (A Steven Dunked_oN
'The Crystal Gems have been around for thousands of years on earth, protecting it from extraterrestrial threats and even the occasional Paranormal threat, When Steven Ca...
The shadow assassin (steven universe reader-insert) by blaccdiamond44
The shadow assassin (steven blaccdiamond44
You moved to a place called "beach city". You wanted to have a normal and a quiet life. Your house that you just recently bought is just waiting for you. You...