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(Skephalo) Forgive me father for I have sinned  by RamenBoi3
(Skephalo) Forgive me father for You’re_Such_A_Muffin
Darryl lives his life as the pastors son, completely engulfed in his fathers religion and being prepared to follow in his footsteps once he has passed. On one normal Sun...
The CEO & the Christian Girl ✔️ | For Love & Money Book 1 by ntlpurpolia
The CEO & the Christian Girl ✔️ | 🇭🇰Nicole✝️Lam🇨🇦
COMPLETE & CLEAN NO MATURE CONTENT / SWEARING IN THIS STORY! EXCERPT: "What the heck is wrong with you?" He was breathing hard, his face white and shocked, h...
Why I Am No Longer Christian by Katherina_Michels
Why I Am No Longer Christianby Katherina Michels
{Book 3 in the Journey of Faith series} I never thought I would leave Christianity, and yet, here I am. These are my reasons why. Join the author of "Christian and...
The Peasant by XandraMorris
The Peasantby Alexandra
INTO THEIR OWN BOOK 1 "This had to be the last time. She had clung to her childish antics long enough. She would take one last free breath and then resign herself t...
To Christians Who Say Being Gay Is Okay by TaniaMckenzie
To Christians Who Say Being Gay Tania Mckenzie
Disclaimer; I'm not shoving my views down your throat. You came to me. If you don't like it, and can't be civil, don't read it. This isn't for you. There is a very popul...
Catholic Kid Things by Bright525
Catholic Kid Thingsby Bright525
If you're a teenager being raised Catholic or really any young person who is a devout Christian, in a big family, has strict parents, or a combination of these things, h...
When It's Over by itsskiaaa
When It's Overby ItssKiaaaღ
God First ✔️ Family Second ✔️ Self Third ✔️ Jewel always thought that was in order in which things went. But when she catche...
Dear Future Husband by ntlpurpolia
Dear Future Husbandby 🇭🇰Nicole✝️Lam🇨🇦
UPDATES EVERY MONDAY Dear Future Husband. These three words begin LADY ROSALIE WINTHROP'S every letter. When she was younger, her governess forced her to write the lett...
By Grace[BWWM] by JasmynTailor
By Grace[BWWM]by Jasmyn
Blossom and Bloom Graceful and Tender - "Why not?" She asked with her hands in the air, a sign of frustration. He threw the papers onto his desk and glared at...
Cursed Objects Series by EndTimesResources
Cursed Objects Seriesby Encompassed by the Fiery Whir...
Just like you can take a box of cream of wheat and repackage it and sell it as a new product to reach a new generation, so has Satan repackaged evil and passed it off on...
Operation: Dard and Devotion by sprinkleofhayat
Operation: Dard and Devotionby sprinkleofhayat
As if being kidnapped from a poverty-stricken town in the Middle East was not horrifying enough, Hayat Ishfaq, a 21 year-old American Muslim, is forced to watch the slow...
A Date with the Drug Dealer | For Love & Money Book 2.5 by ntlpurpolia
A Date with the Drug Dealer | 🇭🇰Nicole✝️Lam🇨🇦
UPDATES EVERY THURSDAY | CAN BE READ AS STANDALONE 21-year-old Christina Martell is a good girl, a Christian, and she has only three things she wants in a guy. Somehow...
Damien's attraction by PearlMurphy
Damien's attractionby Pearl_writes
He came back for revenge....but the sparks are back too Meet October Obiakor; The Nigerian spoilt child born into a rich family with no aim for her future. She was okay...
His Alice, Her Sebastian by SkyWriter97
His Alice, Her Sebastianby SkyWriter97
(A Glee Fanfiction)There was a light in his hazel eyes that they had never seen before, and a smile full of an emotion both knew but didn't expect to see. Kurt and Blai...
Christian Girl Posts ✝ by xoxaria
Christian Girl Posts ✝by 𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐀™
• posts for the christian girl •
The Royal & the Rich Girl | For Love & Money Book 2 by ntlpurpolia
The Royal & the Rich Girl | For 🇭🇰Nicole✝️Lam🇨🇦
CLEAN ROMANCE | UPDATES EVERY SUNDAY SEQUEL TO THE CEO & THE CHRISTIAN GIRL EXCERPT: "Be real with me, Abigail. Please." I paced the room, not wanting to look...
Broken by euphotheshyintrovert
Brokenby euphotheshyintrovert
An unexplainable pain ran through my entire system, making breathing difficult. I tried to breathe, but I couldn't. The emotions of the past few days, finally, coming ou...
𝗕𝗘𝗡𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗦𝗨𝗥𝗙𝗔𝗖𝗘, apply fic  by mrssalvawhore
they wear the smell of blood and death like a perfume... ©mrssalvawhore january 2021
Questions for Believers by Darwins_Ark
Questions for Believersby Shigeo
This list aims to compile questions for theists of various faiths. And they probably can't answer all of these questions. For more info, visit: ...
Jestin Kase and the Masters of Dragon Metal (Book One) by The_Ryuranger
Jestin Kase and the Masters of J. Michael White
Mankind lost the battle for its soul without knowing. Evil won. And no Chosen Ones are coming to the rescue. Enter Jestin Kase, a foster kid on the run in Chicago. He...