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A War Against All [Countryhumans Tenebrous AU] by Reflectiron
A War Against All [Countryhumans Reflectiron
"Don't you want to rule the world?" He turned to face the personification, a sinister grin stretching his features. "To have everyone trapped under your f...
Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?(A Taylor Swift Adoption Story) by llamaswift13
Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?(A llamaswift13
Amara Patel is so not your average six year old, just like Taylor Swift is so not your average singer/songwriter. With a past that's more complex then ever, and a unique...
Precious Sins by Impulsive_Queen
Precious Sinsby Impulsive_Queen
"You act like you're indestructible, but you're not". "Guess you'd know best, huh?" - - - Elisia regina Thomas had a hard life growing up. Always i...
countryhumans zodiac signs by drunk_russia
countryhumans zodiac signsby Maddie
it's in the title fam- (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
ChGK in the Prairie by YvanUng
ChGK in the Prairieby Yvan Ung
Patricia is introduced to ChGK (Chto, gde, kogda), a Russian intellectual game, before she started college, initially disliking the game. Five years later, upon returnin...
the lion of damascus in the world of the seas ( OC! Arab Navy! x Azur Lane!) by DINOSTUDIOSAL21
the lion of damascus in the DINO_FAN
AU ship. what if... there was a third soryu class aircraft carrier named the 'seiryu'. but unfortunatly she never saw combat. she was captured by the soviets in pyongyan...
PANTERA : thus the SAA fought there by kharis501STfan
PANTERA : thus the SAA fought thereby kharisma p
[ON HOLD/HIATUS] 2025 years after the extermination of the rebels , isis and reclaiming the goland heights from israel president bashar al-assad finally enjoy peace as s...
The Last Front: Baghuz ~ My narration of the events leading up to the fall. by daysbetweenus_
The Last Front: Baghuz ~ My Um Zinad
Dedicated to the shuhadaa who fought fisabillah and held firm to the very end. Dedicated to the women who became widows and to the children who became orphans. To raise...
Stories from the Blessed Land by daysbetweenus_
Stories from the Blessed Landby Um Zinad
A mixture of short stories from the Land of ash-Shaam.
only one thing lasts forever by Ayumi_otaku4ever
only one thing lasts foreverby Anxious weirdo
So uhhh to some it up someone dies there's some one sided love maybe a little to much drama and you may not agree with how I portray them but eh enjoy (there may or may...
bashar gets a big mac  by zhou_enlai
bashar gets a big mac by 与正 金
a unlikely visitor at a McDonald's in the uk appears
Love vs war by maha97als
Love vs warby maha97als
Fatima an Iraqi girl was forced live with her uncle in syria after her family getting killed by the French on there way to visit her uncle how will her life be.
Pray for The Needy!l And Protest by Nasreen__Ayesha
Pray for The Needy!l And Protestby PurpleGirlPonnu
It's A Book opened to Pray for needy and who are suffering!
A Therapist's Dialogues by hunlxm
A Therapist's Dialoguesby hunlxm
This story shows conversations between a therapist (who is probably just as mentally distressed) and his patients.
 Castlevania O' Negative  by 8YellowPage
Castlevania O' Negative by 8YellowPage
*DISCLAIMER* Different story events. *WARNING* Must be Mature or at least 18 years or older to read some chapters. Mature chapters will have warnings!!! ⚠️!!!!! There...
The Oppressed by zebabe15
The Oppressedby Zeba
A short poem on the struggles faced by the muslims in Syria and Palestine.
Mandela by Spoken
Mandelaby Spoken
"It always seems impossible until it's done."
Countryhuman Fanart by LostMarshmallow_
Countryhuman Fanartby LostMarshmello⬜
No ships or stuff just countries minding their own business Btw my art sucks. I'm posting these to get opinions and advice on my art in order to improve on future works...
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Birds and Stones by suchasight03
Birds and Stonesby suchasight03
In which war dances with children. ••• "And do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah, "They are dead." Rather, they are alive, but you p...