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You, my Punishment (Islamic Story) by sssilentscreamsss
You, my Punishment (Islamic Story)by ~ sssilentscreamsss
"I know that we will never be a real couple, but we can at least be nice to each other Aneel" I told him. I've had enough. Tears were starting to prick my eyes...
THREADS OF LOVE by SameeraHashmi
#1 IN MUSLIM ON 17/07/2021 #1 IN DUBAI on 22/6/2020 #1 IN TRADITIONAL ON 28/12/2020 #1 in Arab at 27/06/2021 #1 in desert at 4/07/2021 #3 in brother sister #3 in India a...
Her Emirati Prince by ___kara03
Her Emirati Princeby Khadeejerh👑👑💜💖
Fauziya Ahmad, a 20 year old introvert, was very well sheltered growing up loses her best friend and grandparents in a car accident whom she was very close to After comp...
Arta - the last princess by NellyLtf
Arta - the last princessby Nelly
"Who did you say she is?" Osman demanded from the man. The prisoner was shaking and pleading for his life but did not say anything as he got aware of the terri...
Iman wasn't your typical girl who wore a hijab. She was a strong businesswoman who sacrificed a lot to get to where she was now. One day, when a man threatens to buy her...
Hearts of Faith by littlemiss_hijabi
Hearts of Faithby littlemiss
Previously known as King of the Desert --- Bandits have swept through Arabia, killing, kidnapping, and looting. When Amara returns home to see her village deserted, she...
to leave or to return by livi_lmao
to leave or to returnby livi_lmao
"Do not forget. You are my wife." He panted roughly and kept his head in the crook of my neck. "I am your husband. Only yours" he took my hand and pu...
To You, from Baghdad by zigglezoo3
To You, from Baghdadby Inkstain
|{ A Historical Fiction based on Arab-Norse relations, merchant caravans, and the Middle East. }| Down the Volga river, across the Caspian Sea, into the Great Steppe of...
SERENE by Immoral_Immortality
SERENEby Immoral_Immortality
AHLAM WAS AWARE OF THE IMPENDING CALAMITY THAT WAS TO BEFALL HER. But she didn't feel a sense of urgency. She felt as if the seven seas flowed calmly through her senses...
Estranged by shrekdreamer
Estrangedby shrekdreamer
As a child, Tareq knew he was different from the rest of the royal family. When his brothers find out that his mother was a commoner, a criminal, they kick him out. Year...
Sweet and Sour by Bookaholicnutella
Sweet and Sourby Zara Abdul
A twist of romantic tales
My Dunya (NEEDS EDITING) by samukasoo
My Dunya (NEEDS EDITING)by Samaa Kabbar
From opposite sides of the tracks comes a novel of two unprecedented lovers. Dunya Kareem and Cameron Miller are two individuals who are so confident about who they are...
CHOOSING ARWA by Queen_Onisha75
CHOOSING ARWAby Queen_Onisha75
She would do anything for her loved ones. She would do anything to put people first and make them happy. She is all about bringing the best in herself and the people ar...
Imperfect Assassin by AuthorBS
Imperfect Assassinby AuthorBS
I might have killed the king... by accident. At least that is what Yazia thought looking at the unmoving limp of human flesh in front of her feet. Hearing the war cries...
•101 Arab problems • ✔️(completed) by Godsmuslimah
•101 Arab problems • ✔️(completed)by GOAT_lover
Are you an Arab? well, then I wouldn't be surprised if you can relate to half of these problems. Arab or not read on to find out 101 funny and Awkward Arab problems tha...
The Silhouette by dianarokz
The Silhouetteby Hijazi
Mahaa Darwish. A 24-year-old girl who is a practising Muslim and has a loving family. She is a powerful, self-assured, and intelligent woman who despises men. With the s...
The Tale of a Princess Fallen from Grace by madisonrae19
The Tale of a Princess Fallen Madison Belle Rae
Rosilabeth grew up as your average pampered Princess, only caring about her twinkling jewels, embellished clothes and securing a rich Prince as a husband. However, after...
Loretta of the Lamp by jrmanawa
Loretta of the Lampby J R Manawa
Loretta bit her lip and took a deep breath before she peered into the keyhole and slid the pick into the narrow opening. "You will open for me," she murmured. ...
Halal pick up lines by shahana1315
Halal pick up linesby $hahana!
Here are some halal pick up lines. Enjoy! And be sure to comment and let me know which ones are your favourite and if I should do more.. X