Here Is Where It All Began

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*Needy by Ariana Grander


"Abby. Stop that, you'll get hurt!" Danny said meanly. I looked down at the sand castle. Please, no cry. Please, no cry. Please, no cry.

"Maybe you should just go and play somewhere safer. I watch you from here." Danny told me, feeling bad at yelling at me.

Playing somewhere sounds like a good idea. Yeah! Maybe I'll stop becoming a burden. I smiled and got up. Amber my BFF too got up.

"Let's go Abby." She grabbed my hand and we started walking to the slides. I LOVE the slides. I love when I go high then go low. It's like when my dad throws me up to the sky! so fun!

"Maybe we should somewhere else Abby..." I looked surprised.

"But why? Nothing bad can happen to us." She just shook her head.

"He's there." I got the shivers. who's here?

"The bogeyman?" I scarily said. I brought my hands to mouth, curling them in fear. He's terrible. I shut my eyes no no Abby you'll scare yourself.

"No much worse." What can be much worse than the bogeyman? Amber looked around to see if anyone was around. When she noticed no one was around she came closer.

"It's the devil. That's what my dad calls him." I gasped. The devil! It can't be. The devil is supposed to be where all the bad people go to, that's what the priest always says.

"That's impossible!"

"It's not. My dad said he was, so he is. Let's just go." I shook my head.

"I want to see him. He must not be that bad." I went around her and ignore her pleas. I searched for the 'devil'

I don't know why though. But every step I took my pulse quicken. My heartbeat started to thump a little more. My breathing got shorter.

Maybe she is right. Maybe he is the devil. But no matter how much my brain told me to stop my body wouldn't stop walking.

I saw a boy sitting under the slides. I swallowed. Mommy, please help me.

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. You'll never know.

"H-Hello I'm Abigail." I shakily said. He looked up. Oh my! His eyes are so blue. Like the sky when it's clear or maybe the clear ocean. He looks older than me though maybe in the 3rd grade?

"What are you doing here?" He asked. He looked around like if he was trying to see if someone else was there.

"Uhmmm I-"Abby daddy always said to never lie.

"I wanted to go to the slides and then my friend said that we couldn't because you were here. Why? Why is it that she's scared of you? You don't look scary. You're errr—nice looking!  and you seem kinda nice." I was rambling. I did that when I was scared. Mommy and daddy told me that it'll just make the situation much worse. I don't know what they mean, grownups are too weird.

The boy started to smile but ONLY a little bit. Not that much.

"I'm the devil. That's what everyone whispers, so I must be it." He told me.
I started to shake my head. I sat down in front of him criss cross of course.

"My daddy says that people will say whatever they need to so they can make themselves look better. Maybe all those people say that bad thing because they are mean, mean people!"I grin at him but he avoided my eyes. But then suddenly he just looked at me with those blue eyes!

"How about you little sunrise?" He ask. I started to play with my hands, I'm confuse now. what about me?

"You don't seem mean. You actually seem pretty nice. I know mean people when I see them." He told me as he grabbed my wrist and pulled to him. I gasped. What is this!

"Hey! I don't think this is a smart move mister." He chuckled.

"I'm 9 years old and I never been called that before." I looked at him. We were super close. Like I could kiss him how mommy and daddy kiss. I gulped but mommy and daddy says I can do that only when I get married.

"Well I'm 6 so you're much older than me." We shouldn't be doing this. Parents do this not little kids.

"That is a correct, sunrise. But I can't seem to let you go." He hugged me. Oh! Uhmm what is this? It's not like I never been hugged before it's just weird when I hug him. He makes me feel safe like daddy.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Dominic Be-just Dominic." I pulled away and sat down on my butt.

"Well, it's nice to meet you mister Dominic." He grinned.

"Me too."

"Abigail! Recess is over." I got up but Dominic's held my hand stopping me from getting up. I grinned.

"Don't worry I'll come back tomorrow." I promise. I even crossed my heart!

"I think I'm going to marry you." he said with a furrow in his eyes, I guess determined?

"Oh really?" I said. My tummy felt like it was going to drop at any moment. There were like a swirling sensation in it, almost like i'm going to throw up.

He had a serious face and nodded. I put my finger on my chin as if I was thinking.

"You just met me. That's too quick." I told him in a very, very serious tone. "No, it's not. Not when you're mine." He responded, almost like it just the biggest obvious thing!

"I'm yours?" He nodded.

"Yes. It appears that you just gave your heart to the devil. And Im not planning to return it, never." I couldn't but smile.

"Well okay then. But first I must go back to coloring letters and drawing an alligator." I started to walk away. When I dared to look back he was gone. It was like he vanish from thin air. Well, that's how the saying goes...I think...

"Dominic" I whisper. I touch my lips. I like that. I like it when I say his name.

And from that day forward I was Dominic's and he was mine.

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