High For This

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*High for This by The Weekned.*

*Suggestion: Listen to the song while reading this chapter.*



My baby girl knew what to do before I told her. She spread her legs and I saw her pretty pussy. I got between her legs and push her into me. Making sure that her clit smashes into my covered cock. She let out a soft sigh.

"You like that don't you?" I chuckle. She nodded her head. How could someone be so fucking sexy and cute at the same time?

My hands had a mind of their own and travel behind her back and unhook her bra. He pink perky nipples were hiding a little. I slipped the bra off and put it on the bed. I started to kiss her right nipple and tugged the left with my hand.

"Dominic." She sighed.

"Please, I want you so much." The hand that wasn't on her pretty nipple traveled down her navel to her pussy.

I was going to touch her there fully for the first time. I spread her labia and found her clit. I tugged on it and started to rub it. Abby gasped.

"Oh, fudge! Oh, fudge!" She quickly whispered. She never felt this before.

"Dominic Dominic." She chanted. I couldn't help but feel proud that I made my girl like that.

"I love you I love you," I whisper to her. She nodded but scrunch up her face. she was ready. With me kissing her nipple and playing with them and also rubbing her clit she came within seconds.

"Dominic." She whispered.

"Everything will be okay." She gave me a scared look.

"We'll talk after this."

"After wh- Oh my!" I grabbed her legs and started to lick her pussy. I found her clit then made sweet love to it.

"What is happening to me" she tastes so good so sweet. She trapped my head between her thighs. She doesn't know what to do.

"Dominic fuck!" She let out. I was too busy eating her to be in shock. I think this is the first time she ever cursed.

"Please! Hmmm, I'm so close." I looked up at her and she had her back arched she was biting her lip. But she was tugging her nipples. Holy shit she's so fucking beautiful. But I felt kinda jealous. God, why am I jealous that she's touching her nipples I know because I want to touch her nipples.

"Oh, Dominic!" She broke down. Her second orgasm. I let go of her legs and went up to her. I kissed her sharing her sweet pussy taste. I guess I can kinda share. She wrapped her arms around me and wrapped her legs around me. I sat down a the edge of the bed with my feet on the ground.

I kissed her head.

"I'm sorry Dominic. So sorry. I feel so stupid. I was acting so immature. Please forgive me."

"Abigail I would've been very angry and I mean very very angry if I saw you kissing another guy's cheek but damn Abby I wouldn't run away to a dangerous spot and not listen to you. I was going to tell you Abby but you ran and god I was so fucking scared." She looked down at my chest.

"Abby my sweet Abby how could you think I would do that you? Why would you think Amber would do that to Daniel? I know you know that she loved him since the first day she laid eyes on him. Why would you think that?" She started to play with my buttons.

"Why am I the only one naked?" She asked softly. I rolled my eyes, of course, she'll try and avoid this.

"Because I wanted to focus on you and only you. And you're not ready for that." She unbuttons my 3 buttons and kissed my chest. I groan she is not making this easy.

"Abigail stop." She looked at me. I grabbed her chin and kissed her lips.

"Why Abby ?"

"Be-Because I don't deserve you!" She yells.

"So many times I witness pretty girls looking at you and wanting to be with you. There were girls that pretend to be nice to me in hopes of getting closer to you. And Amber she's so much better than me so much mature and pretty. All the guys want her and I-I just saw you both and you guys looked so, prefect. I-I was scared." She whisper. My baby is insecure. She's not confident in herself. I have to change that.

"Silly girl. Can't you see that I love you and want you? I'll go to space and grab the moon if you wanted to." I started to lightly stroke her back leaving goosebumps.

"What will make you understand?" She shook her head.

"You were with me and only me. Call me spoiled but I only want to be with you all day every day." She pouted. I chuckle and kissed her pout.

"That's quite impossible but I'll try. How about we go on dates and make sure everyone knows I'm yours." She wrapped her arms around my neck.

"I have an idea," she said in my ear. I shiver with pleasure. Keep calm Dominic.

"Why don't we get married." She started to kiss my ear then neck.

"Why don't we wait a while." She went to my lips and bit my bottom lip.

"Ouch!" She punches my chest like a brat. Not this again.

"Abby stop."

"Why not."

"Because we should go on dates and have fun. I promise you we'll get married before you're 24." She groaned and threw herself on the bed.

"Whatever." I turn to her and cradle her to me.

"Why do you want to get married so soon," I asked. She looked at me.

"Because I want to be officially yours and you to me too. I know you're right but it's scary."

"You have nothing to worry about. Okay. I'm not leaving you and I will always be yours. So let's just move on. Okay." She nodded.

"ABIGAIL!" Daniel yelled. She looked wide-eyed at me.

Shit. Not this again.

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