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He had a cigar in his mouth. It was lazily hanging from his mouth. I hiccup and looked at him. He was wearing a black wool-cashmere suit. Why would he wear that?

Dominic slowly started walking to the guy and I notice I was set free. I started rubbing my forearm, they're going to bruise for sure.

The guy stood unaffected. Like as if he didn't care if he was caught trying to force himself onto a girl.

Dominic walked slowly. He pulled out a lighter and lit the cigar.

By the time he had his first puff, he was right in front of the guy's face. Dominic pulled the cigar away from his mouth. The cigar was between his left fingers now, he blew out the smoke.

Dominic's left hand was holding the cigar, and his right hand was in his pocket.

I bit my lips and felt something wet between my legs. I felt an ache. I've been having this ache ever since I entered high school.

It happens every time I look at Dominic and he does things like this. His movements make me...feel something.

"You're a real fucking coward, Jason." Jason looked shocked.

"What's wrong? Like preying against the weak because you're a bitch to everyone else?" Dominic's hissed out,
pure venom in his voice.

"You took advantage of a girl, my girl to be more specific. I can't have this type of man here. Leave. Get out this town I don't want to see you here again."

"What! No!" The guy cried. The guy covered the watch as if he was protecting it. Why would he be doing that?

"You don't need that anymore. Either you give it to me or burn it. You know the rules." Dominic said and then turn to me and looked at me. He stared at me. I gasp, his blue eyes have gotten darker. Dominic sighed and gave me his cigar.

"Take care of it, my sweet sunrise." Dominic softy said to me. I nodded and turn around. I threw it in the sink. I turn on the water to make sure the cigar was out. I picked up the cigar and threw it in the trash. Ew.

I came back and gasp. Jason was on the ground pleading to not be banned. That he would rather be killed than be disowned. What is he talking about? Why is he acting like this?

"Get up you damn fool. Leave and pray to God you will have a quick death. I don't want to see you. Understood?" Dominic hissed. Jason got up and nodded. He started to walk away.

"Jason" Dominic called out. Jason turned around but was quickly punch by Dominic. Hard. I think I heard a crack. I gasp and covered my eyes. That wasn't very nice.

"That's for hurting Abby and don't worry there's going to be more of that. I won't ever let this go and if I see you going even 12 feet from her, I will kill you myself." Dominic promised.
. I shiver. He could never do such a thing, right?

Who is this man? This is not the Dominic that was so timid and shy. He is not Dominic that I fell in love with but I deep down I know it doesn't matter. I love him then and especially now, whatever manner he changes I don't care. I will love every version of him. But I can't help but fear this version, I know he won't hurt me but kill someone?

My eyes were still covered by my hands. I felt big, rough, callous hands, on my firearm. I gasp at the tingly feeling.

I knew it was Dominic. He probably came over from the other side. He gently tugs my forearm and wraps it around his waist. My eyes are still closed so I cant see Dominic's face.

I pulled myself closer to him and squeezed him. I feels like it's been so long since Ive been Dominic's arms like this. Hugging him for comfort and love. I felt him wrapped his warm hand on my bare neck. Thank goodness I pulled my brown hair up. I felt really feel his warmth.

"Thank god I am always there," Dominic mumbled. I'm confused, he's always there as in what?

"You're always there?" I mumbled. My face was buried in his chest. I felt him kiss the crown of my head. I flattered my eyes and looked up at him in surprise.

"Dominic?" I asked him. Dominic looked down at me. I notice his once dark blue eyes are lighter. I smile up at him. Dominic smirk and start playing with my loose hair.

"When I saw you crying I just wanting to fucking kill him." He whispers to me. He pulled me into him and sniffed me. He moaned and slid us to the ground.

"I shouldn't tell you this." He whispered. Shouldn't tell me what? He was just being over exaggerating, right?

I was now straddling his hips, my legs are around his hips. I'm so wet between my thighs and the ache is getting painful. I squeezed Dominic tightly with my legs trying to pry the ache away.

This is really new.

"You're so wet I can feel it through your panties baby girl," Dominic told me. I look at him in confusion, he groans.

"I can't wait to have you but for now I just have to use other methods." He whispered in my ear. For some reason I blush, I felt like he said something very, very, dirty. I shook my head and laid my head on the crook of his shoulder.

"Dominic you know my party is Saturday." I reminded him. As if I didn't tell him this morning.

"Yeah, baby I know." He murmurs. He called me baby. That's so...I don't know what to call it but it makes me crawl my toes into my green rain boats.

"Well. Are you really coming?" I shyly ask him. Insecurity filling my body.

"Yes." He started rubbing my back and kissed my neck. I clutch my thighs together in hopes of some relief.

"After I dance with all m-my family you'll be the fir-first to da-dance with me rig-right?" I shakily asked him. He let out a laugh. I blush it's been so long since I heard him laugh.

"I thought I was family Abby." Dominic teased. I shook my head in his chest.

"Not yet." I tease back.

"Not yet?" Dominic questions me. I sighed.

"I'm still waiting for the proposal." I mummer. Does he still remember his promise? I felt Dominic stopped and crawl his hands onto my back.

"Soon. I promise." Dominic whispered. I pulled back and pout.

"Cross your heart," I told him like a child. He held up his left hand.

"And hope to die." He finishes. He traces a cross above his heart with his right hand. I wrapped my arms around his neck, burying my face into his shoulder blade.

I felt him get up with me tightly. I felt something hard onto me. It felt nice and I push more into it. Dominic moaned and quickly put me on the counter and stepped out of my tight hold easily.

"Later, okay sunrise." I didn't understand what 'later' meant but I just nodded. He tucked my loose hair behind my ear. He came forward and kissed my forehead.

"I'll see you on Saturday," Dominic promised me.

"Goodbye, My Carmel, "I whisper to him.

I giggle and blush. Once he was almost out the door. He turns to me and stuck his tongue out. I too did the same.

I hopped off the counter and looked at the clock. It's almost 7 I have about 2 hours until the coffee shop closes. I sighed and started cleaning the coffee shop. Hopefully, Saturday Dominic and I will start where we left off.

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