What is Mafia Life?

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After Dominic dropped me off home. I quickly went to my room. I took all of my clothes off and went to take a shower.

Dominic is apart of the Mafia. Does that make him a bad person? God does say to never kill, but God also says to never judge anyone.

Do not throw the stone if you have yourself have committed a sin as well.

As I stepped out of my bathroom. I dropped my towel and looked at my body.

My whole body had love bites and bruises. I couldn't help but touch them. They didn't hurt but I was sore. Dominic did this to me, and something in me became excited. Pushing those thoughts away, I quickly got myself dressed in a nightie and wore fluffy socks.

I needed to distract myself, so I opened my laptop and started to scroll through the latest gossip and youtube recommendations. Once I was up to date I started to search up about the mafia life. After reading some rather frightening things, I came to the realization that Dominic was living a double life. He never once was telling the truth about who he is. Was the Dominic that I fell in love real?

I'm not sure. He dropped something so big on me today and i'm not sure if he expected me to leave him. I know what he did is wrong. He probably has told me so many lies, everyone in my life has lied to me. Everyone I love, i'm so sad and tired of people trying to protect me from the truth.

I laid down and clutch my stomach. For the first time, I felt alone. Lonely. Nobody to trust to confide this stuff. This will for sure give me trust issues, and for the very first time I was resentful towards Dominic. How dare he make me fall in love with him and hide himself in the process. How dare he drop me like nothing because he thought i couldn't handle it. Where was his faith and trust in me?

I stood up and got dressed. I needed to get out of here before I start crying. I'm so tired of crying.

I went downstairs quietly, making sure i didn't make any noice, I took my parents car keys and went to their car.

As i drove off, i notice a car following me. This is not good. What if it was one of Dominic's enemy? Oh no, what if get shot at by bunch of lunatics like in the movies. No way, am I going to die like this, no sir.

I quickly changed lanes and turn down a busy street. I went in between cars, making sure they didn't have room to go behind me. Loosing them for a mere seconds, I drove off to Dominic's and I secret hiding place. Knowing there's an entrance only him and I will know.

It took me about 10 minutes to get there. Sighing in relief that the car wasn't following me, I got out. My palms were sweaty, knees shaking, I started to breathe in and out. I couldn't believe that happen to me, I wanted to call Dominic but not right now. I need to get calm. As soon as I started to breathe normally, a car zoomed in, of fudge sticks. This is it. I am going to get shot and massacred like the people in the movies.

As i was going to run to my car, Dominic comes falling out the car. Surprised, i felt so so much relief it wasn't some big scare man even though Dominic looks like one now.

Dominic runs to me and hugs me so tight i can't hardly breathe. He kisses my checks, neck, and shoulder, finally my lips. His hold on me doesn't loosen, but I melt into his hug. Even though its been a couple of hours, I missed him terrible. I hug him back hard, even though I feel mad and upset with him I need him more than air. We'll figure something out, of course we will. Dominic and I will always be together.

He lays me on the ground and hikes my dress up. My breathe starts to shorten, I'm so needy for him right now that I quickly unbuckle his belt. No words are exchanged, we just feel.

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