My Carmel

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9 Years Later


"Abigail! Come downstairs sweetie, Breakfast is ready!" Mommy called. I looked at the mirror and let out a sigh.

"Coming." I answered her. I went back to room to grab my books. I put them in my book bag, and went downstairs to the kitchen.

"Good morning Momma." I kissed her check and gave her a hug. She hugged me back. "Good morning baby!" I smiled and sat down at the table and started to eat. Mmm, these pancakes are so good.

"Mija after you take your test we have to go to the mall for dress shopping." I held back my groan. I just want to read and go to sleep.

"I don't want to take that test momma. I want to read." It was a Saturday and like most normal kids I just want to sleep in. But noPe my momma wants me to take that...that...stupid test! It is so stressful, the SAT'S.

"Abigail you can read afterwards. And besides, I heard that a certain someone is going to take you." She wiggles her eyebrows. I stared at her in confusion.

"Daniel?" She shook her head in no. I started to think. Then his name came into my brain! I almost spit out my food. Can it perhaps be my caramel?

"Dominic?" I asked. She bit her lip and nodded. I squealed and ran up the stairs to get ready.

"Abigail your breakfast!" She yelled after me.

"I'll eat it later!" I took off my plain shirt and skirt. I bit my lip and looked at my closet. Nothing sexy! I let out a deep sighed and grabbed my shortest dress. It was a white hollow out cotton dress. It just came above my knees. I hope Dominic would love it, and think I'm attractive.

"Abigail he's here." She said. I looked at myself. Yep still ugly but the dress made my body look actually good. It doesn't make me look like an 8-year-old, but a young woman.

"I'll be back later momma." I called at her when I was at the door.

"Abigail be careful okay." I nodded my head. And grabbed my small purse . I step out of my house, and there he was. He was leaning against his car, smoking a cigar. I looked down my feet and sighed. I glance around the nice neighborhood. I notice that Selena was staring at him from her porch. How dare she stare at MY Carmel. MY Dominic.

Before she could walk here. I ran to him and jumped him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and legs around his waist. I didn't know what came over me. Maybe it was knowing that some other woman liked him. I didn't like the feeling of knowing that someone else liked...I don't he looked?

He wrapped his arms around my waist. Supporting me. I glance and notice Selena looking irradiated. But she just sighed and went into her home. I couldn't help but feel a little happy.

"Good morning my Carmel." I whisper to him.

"Good morning my little sunrise." He put me down and grabbed my head. He kissed my forehead and stared at me.

"Let's go." He opens the passenger door and told me to get in.After fastening my seatbelt. He started the car and we quickly drove away. I glance at him and quickly looked away.

"You nervous?" He asked me. I shrugged my shoulders and mumble something under my breath.

"What was that?" He asked.

"I don't want to take it. I don't want to go to college." I want to be a housewife. I said in my head. I can't say anything like that. I think he'll get mad. The last time we had a real conversation was when I was 12. He was a freshman in high school and started to act differently. I started to act differently too. I started to notice things about him. Like his muscles. His board shoulders. The way he looked at me.

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