Lose Control

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*Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood*

*Suggestion: listen to the song while reading the chapter.*

*I am a man with many desires that include you. *


"Abby come," I commanded. She looked up at me with wide eyes. Like if she was caught doing something bad. What a little vixen.

"Now," I said once more. She put down her glass of orange juice and stood up.

"No Abigail. Finish your food then talk to Dominic." Mama butt in.

"Ma!" I snapped.

"Basta! Lasciarlo andare."  Just let it go. I say in Italian.

"Ho vinto't" She won't. I rolled my eyes. She is a stubborn woman. I sighed.

"Si'll hanno per." You'll have to.

Mama sighed. Abigail walked to me. She stood in front of me. I looked her up and down.

She is very beautiful. Like the sun before it raises.

My erection was now full-blown. I wish I could grab her and turn her around. Bend her down and fuck her until all she can say or think is my name.

I take her hand and lead her out of the kitchen.

I open my office door and pulled her in roughly.

"Do-" before she can say anything else I push her hard onto the door and started to kiss her. These kisses aren't what she's used to. It's rough and dirty.

I move my lips like I would if I was kissing her pussy. I flick my tongue on her lower lip.

She moans and opens up. I can't help but smile.

I know baby I can feel it too.

I roughly grab her legs and lift them up so they could wrap around my waist.

She squeezes me and I can feel her heat. I started to lower my kisses to her neck.

"Oh, Dominic." She softly whispers. My hand went under her shirt. I place my hand on her warm stomach.

I need to stop. I need to stop before I take her sweatpants off and begin to fuck her. My erection is pressed on her sweet covered pussy.

"Dominic. Please." She desperately says. I

My mouth has found its way to her soft delicate shoulder blade. I decided to go back to her mouth.

Her small innocent hands start to unbutton my shirt. Before she can unbutton the last one, I stop her.

"No," I say softly. I gently take her hand away.

"And why not!?" She yells. My eyes furrow. She has never yelled at me before.

"I want to touch you, Dominic." She whispers. Her eyes are big and innocent. Tears beaming.

In a blink of an eye, I have her once again in my heated embrace. Instead of picking her up, I roughly take her to my desk.

I swipe every little shit off my desk. Not fucking caring about it.

Abby needs to see that this is going way too far and way too quickly. I saw the way she looked when asked about getting married. She doesn't want it now and I'll wait. No matter how long.

I lay her down and take off her shirt well mine to my exact.

My cock is already hard but fuck, it weepers when I see Abby's innocent looking bra. She gasps and looks at me.

"Fuck. Tell me to stop Abby. Please." She shakes her head no.

"But I don't want you to." My breath hitches. I lean down and start to kiss her. My hips are between her soft legs. I press more into her until she gasps of pleasure.

I unhook her bra and take it off of her. I looked at her breasts for the first time.

Abby shyly tries to block them. I shake my head and gently pull them away.

"Don't ever hide from me again." Her nipples are pink and perky. Begging to be sucked and fucked

Her breasts are just a handful. There are simply beautiful. All I want to do is suck, touch, and fuck them all day.

I tug one nipple between my fingers and kiss the other one. She pants.

"Dominic!" She moans loudly. I start to suck and softy bite the nipple. Fuck she tastes so fucking delicious. And she's warm and soft.

I twist, tug, and rub the breast I don't have in my mouth. She cries in pleasure. I being to alternate.

"Dominic! P-Please!" She's desperate and needs relief.

I want to slide my hand inside her sweatpants. And rub her clit. But I can't, she won't know what the hell to do if I did that.

I moan at the noises she makes. Her hands are tugging my hair. She's roughly keeping me on her breast. She's scared that I'll stop. I won't stop this, I wouldn't ever dare.

She shudders and screams so loudly that I have to put my hand on her mouth so no one would hear it. She stops her movement. For a second I thought she went unconscious but her hands move to my hand that was on her mouth.

She gets it and pulls it off. She intertwines her fingers through mine.

"Oh, Carmel." She says under her breath. I pull her up and crush her to me. I start to rub her soft back.

"You okay baby?" She softly nods.

"That was new." She said under her breath. I smile.

"Dominic?" She softly asks. I look at her.

"Yes, darling?"

"How do you...how do you get an orgasm?" My eyes are wide. What the fuck? Why the hell would she ask me something like this?

"Abby whoever told you to ask this question I'll fuck them up." I threaten. My poor innocent Abby.

"No!" She looks down. She's red, even her naked breasts are flush. I want to touch them, hold them. Feel the warmth again.

"It's just, you know what to do and I don't." She wonders off. I want to tell her all the amazing things she can do to me. But I'm scared I'll frighten her.

"There are ways Abby. But I won't tell you right now." She pouts.

"And how come?" She challenges. I can't help but smile at her cuteness.

"Well, I can't. You'll just have to wait." I tease her.

I grab the shirt I rip off. Damn it's teared up.

I take off my unbuttoned shirt. And give it to Abby.

"Put this on honey." She doesn't say anything. She just stares. I look at what she was staring and realize she was checking me out.

"Are your puppy or something Abby?" She blinks a lot.

"What?" She innocently looks at me.

"You're drooling Abby." I tease. She blushes.

"I-Its just-"

"Come on. Let's get you upstairs for a new shirt." She nods and puts on her bra then my shirt that isn't into shreds.

After she finishes I hold hands with her and we both left the office.

Fuck! I forgot. We had to discuss her punishment. I smirk, I'll think she'll enjoy it. I know I will.

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