Undiscovered Misery

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*Either you're a ride or die chick or you're not.*


I am so content and excited. Dominic and I are finally one and together. I feel so different...more mature. I actually feel like a woman. I couldn't help but smile. Dominic and I finally did it.

"What's on your mind, baby?" Dominic brought me back from my thoughts.

"Oh, nothing! Just that I am so happy that you and I finally did it." I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him down to peck his lips. Before things could get heated, Dominic sadly pulled away.

"Abby even though I'll like to fuck you one more time, I gotta feed you." I pouted. Sometimes he could be so unfair.

"I don't wanna," I whined. He chuckled and nipped my bottom lip.

"Too bad, sunrise. We gotta get some breakfast and then get cleaned up." I wickedly grin at him.'

"Together?" He rolled his eyes playfully.

"If I didn't know any better I would think you only wanted me for my body." It was my part to nip at his lower lip.

"It's something like that." I then took off to clean up the mess we made. I blushed a little bit when I saw my blood on the blanket. 

I quickly folded it before Dominic could see it and put it in the basket. would be so embarrassed if he knew about it. I know it's natural and everything, but this is something I'll like to make private.

"You ready to go?" I nodded my head. He picked the basket up and helped me stand up. I intertwined our fingers together. We went up the hill and out of the bushes to his car.

He opens up the door for me. Once he got in and shut the door. I sighed a bit. I am a bit scared due to facing the real world after what we did. I mean will people notice? Will they care? I hope my papa and mama don't notice that will bring so much drama to our relationship.

"Let's get some breakfast."

Once we made it to a nice local dinner. We quickly ordered some food. Dominic and I started to talk about Amber and Danny's wedding and just about anything.

I couldn't help to notice how we acted so differently now. We weren't afraid to touch each other. I felt so close to him and was so comfortable with him. I didn't feel so scared and shy with him.

"Excuse me, Abby. I have to go to the bathroom." I smiled and nodded.

After a while, I heard a ring. It was coming from Dominic's phone. I picked it up and my eyes widened.

Selena? Why is she calling Dominic?

Quickly I slide to answer.

"Dominic! They fucking know. I don't know how they know, but those sons of bitches got the location of your transaction. They put a word to the FEDs and they're gonna search that place in seconds. Hello?" I gasped and quickly the phone was snatched from me. I locked up and an angry Dominic spoke to the phone.

"Have Danny deal with it. If not, I can trust you'll know what to do." He and I didn't take our eyes off each other.

What was Dominic dealing with? Why would the police be onto him? Is my Dominic in danger?

He quickly ended the call and sat alongside me.

"Dominic, why would Selen-" He lips smashed to mine. This wasn't filled with love and happiness. This was filled with anger, betrayal, and sadness. I couldn't help but push him away.

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