Her Laughter

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Pretty When You Cry by Lana Del Rey


Abby walks buried into my side, my arm draped around her shoulders that are covered by my black jacket.

"Dominic, aren't you excited for the wedding?" I furrow my eyebrows but then remind myself that Danny and Amber are going to get married. Tomorrow to be precise.

"I don't know. I mean Danny is a good guy and he'll die and kill for Amber, But..."

"You think they're too young?" Abby finishes. I shake my head

"No. I can't judge them for that. God, it's taking everything in me to not wake the priest to marry us. It's just, not a good idea to do it now." She stops in front of my car and looks at me with a confused face.

"B-But that's just silly! It's perfect! I mean it's all last minute. But still. School is almost over, and you know college is next—"

"No college." I cut her off. I'm serious. No college is allowed unless it serves the business. We laundry the money by opening up new businesses, going to college will just draw attention.

"I know. I haven't changed my mind...I want to be your wife. But I don't know how to be that type of wife." She nervously takes a curl and twirls it. I draw my hand under her jaw, cradling her face.

"Look at me." She looks up from her hair and into my eyes. Her green eyes remind me so much of our place. Our place of freedom. Soon.

"You will become my wife. But I promise you that you will never be part of that life." She widens her eyes, and I see her fully taking my words. This is it. I have to tell her.

"I-We are getting out. Danny, Amber, I, and some other members are planning to lea—"I don't ever get to finish my sentence. Suddenly I feel a piercing sharp pain in my lower stomach. I gasp and barely register the gunshot.

Quickly, I take a horrified Abby, who I barely hear a scream, into my arms. Pressing her into the car. Covering her with my body. I take out my gun, quickly shooting at the figures that I see on the right and left sides. They drop immediately, but the gunshots continue.


"Dominic! Dominic! Please...Please!" I can only process those two words from her. I hear gunshots, and then I hear nothing. Abby's hand is pressed onto my lower right stomach, attempting to stop the blood. Only, the pain seems to get worse, I even feel the oozing blood dripping out of me. Onto our clothes. I'm losing blood, lots.

I've been shot before, but fuck this pain is like nothing I have ever experienced. I don't know how long I'm crouched, pressing my beautiful woman, trying to protect her from this ambush.

"Dominic, you have to let go!" Danny yells at me. He's here? When did he come? I shake my head, and I feel two sets of hands pulling me off. I groan and try to push back but I can't. I'm losing feeling in my hands and legs, my whole body is shutting off.

Abby is crying and sobbing for my name. Telling me to not close my eyes, that I need to be her strong, brave shining knight. Her hero. And I focus on her pretty green eyes, her small nose that she likes to scrunch up when she tries to make me smile, and her beautiful moles and freckles that cover her body. It seems like the world is fading to just her. Her loving face is the only thing I have the power to focus on. And just like that...I see nothing.

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