Welcomes & Disasters

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*Say you love me by Jesse Ware. Suggestion: Listen to this song while reading this chapter*


As Dominic opens the door I briefly hear a giggle. He sighed in frustration. "You ready?" He asked me. I nodded, curious to see how the little ones turnt out.

We both stepped into his house. Soon I was facing Dominic's whole family. Automatically I was embraced by many that I miss dearly.

"Abby! You look so grown up but still so beautiful." Dominic's mother or mama Bellucci said.

"Mama Bellucci!" I hugged her tightly.

"What about me?" I stood up straighter and looked around me. I spotted three little brown hair girls with big brown eyes. They got so cute!

"Yeah! And me?"

"No, me first!"

"No way. She loves me more!" Oh, I miss them so much as well.

"Ana, Lily, Jackie!" I smiled. They went back to me and starting hugging me and telling me everything.

What happens to them in these past years. Ana already had her first boyfriend. That's so cute! Lily lost all her baby teeth. Aww. Jackie also lost most of her baby teeth too. Awwww.

Ana is 14, Lily 10, and Jackie 7. I wonder where Anthony. Anthony is probably four years old. I bet he doesn't know me considering the last time I saw him was when he was one.

"Abby staying for lunch?" Mama Bellucci asked me. All of the girls looked at me in wonder.

Before even opening my mouth she smiled and said 'Great. We're happy that you're staying for lunch and dinner.' You can never say no to her. Not even Dominic.

"Mama, I need to take her some-"

"Dominic please go and wash your hands. Abby comes with me." Mama Bellucci ordered. I giggled at Dominic's face. His jaw has dropped, eyes widen. He coughed and stood taller.

"Five minutes," Dominic warn. Mama Bellucci went to the kitchen. Dominic ordered his sisters to go with their mom. They all pouted but followed their big brother's command. I smiled at them.

It looks like it's just Dominic and me.

"Sometimes she can be too much," Dominic said under his breath. He grabbed my face between his hands and kissed my forehead.

"I'll be there in no time. Wait. Okay?" He whispers to me. I nodded and he leans in to kiss me, but a sweet voice stopped him.

"Come on Abby!" Lily yelled at me. Dominic's lips were just almost on mine. I can almost taste him. I want to kiss him. Sadly, Lily grabbed my hands that were around Dominic's waist.

"Such a..." Wait? What did Dominic say? I think he said something in Italian.

"Bye. Dominic!" I yelped out. Dominic laughed and turn around and walked away. I pout. Don't go just yet.

"Abby! Please cut those tomatoes." Mama Bellucci order me. I nodded and went to wash the tomatoes.

"Mama, can we please eat ice cream before dinner please?" Lily asked. I smiled and started cutting the tomatoes. I remember I was like that.

"No, no go outside and get the cucumbers." Mama Bellucci scowled at Lily. Oh yeah, they have their own garden. Lily just huffed and turn on her heels to go out.

Mama Bellucci and I were soon alone in the kitchen.

"Abby you grew up more beautiful than before! Oh, yes. My grandbabies will be beautiful like their mommy." I blush.

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