Threats & Business

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*Daddy Issues by The Neighborhood Suggestion: Listen while reading this chapter*

*Yeah I know I'm fucked up but its part of the charm.*


As I stepped out of my bedroom I felt a pang of regret. I should of never let myself get caught up with my girls loving. I know she's not ready. I fear that she will never be ready. She is so young and innocent. She does not understand her own body let the only mine.

I kept on going back to the night of her party. She looked so sad that night because I wasn't there at the party. I couldn't be there. I had my own reasons. But I had hoped, to make it up to her. In her bedroom.

I didn't think that she and I would have fooled around.

"Dominic, Abby's father is here," Mama said. She gave me a disapproving look. I sighed.

"Mama, what's wrong?" I asked. She shook her head and mouthed 'Later' and started walking down the stairs.

What is wrong with her? I do this and that and I always get that look. I believe it is about Abby's father.

Fucking bastard. He tried taking my sunrise from me. Trying to send her to Mexico. I thought he wanted me for his daughter but I thought wrong. He would rather let her marry some stuck up mother fucker than me.

Abby will never be with anybody else like she is with me.

I admit I would have done the same if I were in his position. Abby's mother came from a mafia family. The Mexican Mafia.

I do some Cocaine business with some Mexicans gangsters but that's it. They love to play and I don't play or get played. Sure they will have the money or shit but they'll play you like a board game. I know that and Abby's father knows that as well.

He took his wife and ripped her away from the dark clutches of the mafia and he wants to do that with Abby. But hell if I have to kill him and make it look like an accident for Abby's sake, I will do that.

Nobody fucks with my Abby. If they fuck with her, they'll be fucking with me.

Nobody wants to see me pissed or getting fucked with. I'll kill or torture a mother fucker if I have to. I have killed but with the right reasons. I'm not a psychopath who just kills for nothing. I kill because the others were just as bad as me.

I check my watch and realized I have been in my thoughts for five minutes. I can't keep Abby's father waiting even though it would be better if he was gone.

I can't do that, Abby loves him, his son loves him, and honestly, he didn't do something ruthless. He was just looking out for his little girl but he has to understand, that little girl is mine and nobody else's.

As I walked down the stairs, I turn around and hoped Abby was asleep.

I just want Abby to be happy and loved. But most selfishly I want her happy and loved to be mine.

Love is selfishness. You want them to be yours. You want them to feel that raw emotion you have inside of you too. It brings tears, smiles, and punches. But at times sacrifices.

I would give my body and soul just to see Abby smiling.

I wish that I could've have fallen in love with Abby in a different world. Where I was a simple and normal man. Where I had some kind of innocence to still hold onto.

God, I sound like fucking stuck up love puppy. I don't think shit like that but Abby makes me crave that shit.

I was in front of my office door. I open it and walked to my chair that was behind my desk.

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