Cherry Hickeys and Lipstick

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Fetish by Selena Gomez


Guilt and sorrow fill my whole heart. Misery is my only redemption. How could I hurt my sunrise?

I smash the glass mirror, breaking it into millions of pieces, glass is all over the floor but I do not care for the pain piercing in my knuckles. My plan is about to be ruined, there is no point in how I feel. Abby knows about me. About all of us. The girl who I created a new world for, knows about the reality of my fucking life. Disgust fills me.

"FUCK!" I scream. But, no matter how much I might hate my life, I will never let her go. I guess, my plan should include her now? Only, I refuse to risk her involvement. I look at my watch. Rolling my eyes. When I was fourteen, I became indoctrinated into the gang. After I killed that man at fifteen, my father had given me this watch. Every boy gets one of these after their first kill. It's an expensive Rolex, crafted for us. It's a symbol of loyalty and safety. You are untouchable.

And anytime someone has been asked to give it back, for whatever reason, you are a free game to all. Usually, we find pieces of skin and body parts around. The women bear tattoos right on their hip bones. Marked. They belong to the gang. I have a tattoo on my back, I bare my last name. My role as the boss, the don.

I close my eyes and picture Abby. I wonder what is she doing. My cock gets hard. So fucking hard. I need her, again. I have to go to her. My need for her knows no boundaries, so I leave the torture room and go to my house to take a shower. I bandaged my hand, knowing that Abby would hate to see things like that.

Once at her house, I climb the tree that is right in front of her bedroom window. I should know better. I am disrespecting everything. Her father, her brother, and her wish to be left alone. But I am never one to follow anyone's rules.

I tap her window, and I see the small figure wrestle in the covers. She sits up with a sad pout on her face. My heart warms, but my hunger demands to be satisfied. I knock, and she rubs her eyes like a child. She widens her beautiful green eyes and runs to me. Opening the window.

"Caramel! What are you doing?" I smile and climb into her room. I pick her up, wrapping her legs around my hips, I could feel her through her cotton panties. I know she feels my hard cock for her because she starts to grind onto my pants. Fuck. Her heat makes me want to growl, grunt in pure rage. I want inside that fucking tight hole. That warm, wet pussy.

She quickly pulls down her night gown, presenting me with her nipples. I start to bounce her on my dick, making her tits bounce in front of me. She starts to lean to kiss me, her soft lips make me grunt in total hunger. I need to be inside of her, to fuck and own every inch of her body.

I suck her lower lip, looking down at her bouncing tits. I cant take this any longer, so I throw her onto her bed. She giggles, and starts to sit up but I take her legs pulling her to me. I spread her legs apart, and kiss her inner thighs. I peck her pussy through her panties, groaning when I smell her. She smells so juicy and sweet. Taking her panties to the side, I lick the entrirety of her wet pussy. Her soft pants, and sighs make me groan into her.

"Dominic!" She gasp. I look up at her, her back arch, mouth wide open. Crying in total pleasure. I lick her nub, making sweet love to her enlarge clit. I then slide down her inner pussy, then going inside her hole. Fucking her with my tongue. She starts to push my head away, no longer being able to take it.

"Dominic. Baby. Please." She cries. I clench my hands into her soft, tan skin. I need her close to me, I need her. Period.

"No, Abby. You take this like the sweet girl that you are. That's right, move those hips like that. Fuck my tongue." I growl into her pussy. She cries in total pleasure, her sweet juices coating my face. I pull away, but then bend her over her bed. Ripping her underwear. I unbuckle my pants, pulling out my cock. 

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