Pretty Tree

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*Motivation by Kelly Rowland. Suggestion: ;)*


"So we'll do it next month?" Daniel asked. I nodded my head.

"Seeing all the possible outcomes it's better this way." I got up from my chair.

"I'll have to leave you, Daniel. Call me if something arises." I put on my coat and grabbed my keys.

"I'll text you the info." I nodded and left.

I texted Abby to see if she needed a ride. She quickly responded with no and that Ambers taking her.

I drove to our secret spot. I saw Ambers car park a few steps from our entrance. I smirk Abby most of told her to drop her there. I pulled up next to amber.

I got off and walked up to her door. Amber was fixing her hair and lipstick.

I knocked on her window to get her attention.

"You can go now," I said. She rolled her eyes.

"Hello to you too." I chuckle and walked away.

I made sure she truly left before going into our entrance.

We found this spot when we were little. She and I were playing tag. I was it and she was running from me.

It was fun but even back then I couldn't stand the idea of her running from me. I catch up to her but we bumped into each other. We stumble down a hill and landed beside a river. Abby instead of being scared of the unknown jumped into the river and urge me to come in.

From there on it was our spot. We played there, slept there.

I even made a swing from the large tree. It was ours.

The only place where we could truly be free.

I saw Abby in the water floating. She looked so peaceful. I unbutton my shirt and unzip my pants. I took my shoes and socks off.

I was basically naked except for my boxers.

I went inside the river and gently grabbed Abby.

She opens her eyes and smile when she saw me. She wrapped her arms around me and press herself onto me.

"My Carmel!" I kissed her lips softly and brought her out the water.

We kept kissing and eventually her dress was removed.

I laid her down the ground. I looked at her then her body.

I groan. She was wearing lingerie.

"Amber?" She bit her lower lip and nodded. She sat up and started to kiss me.

She will be the end of me.

She started to kiss my neck then my blades. Her hands lowered my boxers. I halted her moves.

I looked intensely at her.

"Are you sure?" She nodded her head.

"I want to so bad." I close my eyes and let her hand go.

She continues to lower my boxers until my manhood sprung free.

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