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*Reflections by The Neighbourhood*

"Now for the final dance the small family of Juan Carlos y Gloria Sanchez." The announcer yelled. After dancing with all my uncles which is a lot and with different dance style, the family dance is almost over.

One step closer to dancing with Dominic, I haven't seen him yet though. Hopefully, he comes soon...

My papa came to me and started dancing with me. My brother started dancing with mama.

"You look very beautiful," Papa said. I was wearing a nice long white dress which is a wedding dress and my brown hair was in a loose bun.

I had my left hand on my papa's shoulder and my right in my dad's hand. He had his other hand wrapped around my waist.

"God this is going to cost me a lot of money." Papa then turns me around. My white dress flew and the crowd applause. The salon is pretty fancy, plus the decorations and food is high quality so I wouldn't be surprise if he spent at least 50k.

"Papa stop it." I giggle out. I knew he could afford it but I would've liked to spend the money elsewhere like a women's shelter or a children's hospital.

"Oh, honey, how did you get so big?" I giggle.

"I have such a hard time scaring all those boys from you. They come for you from left to right." Papa shook his head. I laid my head on my papa's shoulder. I close my eyes and let my papa lead me.

"I don't want to get big. I won't stay in your arms, Papa." Ignoring that part of the boys, he knows well that only Dominic matters. My eyes started to beam remembering that I'm no longer my daddy's little girl.

"You're such a liar." My papa let out a laugh. I pulled back and gave him a confused look.

"You want to be in Dominic's arms." He sadly told me. I looked down at my diamond heels. I felt my dad's hand under my chin. He tilts my head so I could look up to him. His brown eyes started to water.

"I know Abby. I've known for a long time." He had such a pain face.

"Papa, how did you know?" I want to know now. I want to know how everybody could easily tell I want to really be Dominic's.

"Well for me I knew right after you started bragging about Dominic when you first met him." He laughed. I blushed, was I always that obvious?

"The kid is so enchanted by you, honey. I remember how he would always have this scowl, every time anyone tried to give you a hug or a kiss." I let out a giggle. Dominic could get jealous sometimes.

"I love you, sweetie." My dad said before spinning me three times. When I came back to my papa, it wasn't papa it was Danny.

"Well hello little sister," Danny said devilishly. His usually messy brown hair is silk back and he was wearing a black tux. I giggle.

"Hello, twin." I corrected him.

"I'm still older." I snorted. Always the same thing.

"Yeah like for 15 seconds." He shook his head and pinch my waist. Ow! I looked around the room when he spins me around. I pout, I think Dominic's not here yet.

"Danny, have you seen Dominic?" I ask. Danny and Dominic are now like BFF's so I assume he would know where Dominic is at.

"No, but you will see him soon." Danny told me. I gave him a confused look. What's going on?

"Abby, whatever Dominic says tonight... you have to keep it as a secret," Danny told me. Why would I have to keep it as a secret?

"You can't even tell Amber or me." Danny gave me a 'you better not tell anyone' look. Sugar buns, this must be very serious.

"Promise?" Danny let go of my hand and made me pinky promise.

"Now the family dance is over." The announcer yelled.

"It's time to Party!" The guy said. I left the dance floor which was hard because everybody is now on it. I walked to my table and sat on my seat waiting for Dominic.
Two Hours Later

After waiting for two hours for Dominic I grew tired. My parents and others tried to cheer me or make me dance. I said I was just fine.

I was far from fine. I felt broken. I expected something so beautiful instead I got a broken heart from Dominic, like always. He even crossed his heart!

He must not love me as I thought. My heart hurts so much. I feel like someone grabbed it and smashed it unto the ground. My tummy hurts too. I feel so sick and tired. I don't like this feeling one bit.

My eyes started to tear up. I just want to go home.

"Abby. How about you go home." My mama suggested. I looked at her worried green eyes. I nodded and stood up.

"I'll call a taxi." The drive would be like 45 minutes. The salon is beautiful but just far away. I started saying my goodbyes and apologizes.

Once the taxi was here and I got my white clutch bag. I got in the taxi car upset. I didn't even care that I was wearing my long white dress.

Thank goodness it's June so it's not cold at all or that hot too.I close my eyes and let the tears fall down.

Can I forgive Dominic for ruining one of the most important days of my youth?

Why is it that I'm so willing and desperate for Dominic's attention?

Why is it that I can forgive him when he put me through the worst?

Why does he make me smile but later makes me cry?

Does he even care for me?

Does he even love me? I thought to myself.

I want Dominic to love me so much. I want him to be mine forever.

"Miss, we're here." I wiped away the tears and smile at him. He was an old man with nice brown eyes.

"Miss, whatever happened, you can get through it." The taxi driver said. I sniffle and nodded.

That is so nice of him. I open the door and was about to ask how much.

"It's on the house I mean on the car." He joked. I smiled at him and said my  'thank you' and got out. I sighed and waved the old man goodbye.

I looked at my house, it's all dark except for a few lights on. I sighed. I went up to my door and sighed again. Few tears drooped onto the doorknob.

Why did he do it?

I feel so bad and heartbroken. I unlock the door and stepped inside.

I slowly walked to my room and open my bedroom door, surprise to find all that waited for me.

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