Coffee Store

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"Hey, Abby!" Amber was waiting outside the school. Disappointed filled my body. Dominic wasn't here to pick me up, but I'm happy to see my best-friend nevertheless.

"Amber!" I smiled at her and got in her jeep.

"How was it?" She asked as she got in. I shrugged.

"Okay, I guess. Some questions were kinda hard to answer." I told her. She nodded her head and smiled at me.

"So Abby, excited for your party?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Not really. I kinda don't want to have one." I confessed. She looked at me with pity.

"Well, maybe you should look at this as a gift. A lot of people don't have the opportunity to have a party." A pang of guilt hit me. She is right. She didn't have the same opportunity to celebrate her birthday like me. I should be happy and grateful, but it's hard to muster up those feelings.

"You're going home right?" She asked me. I shook my head quickly.

"Coffee shop," I said. She nodded her head. The ride to there was silent. My guilt was eating me but I didn't know what to say.

"And here we are, young lady." I smiled at her. She went and grabbed something from the back. I couldn't help but notice something on her hips.

"Amber if you don't mind me asking but what's that on your hip?" I asked. She sat up and looked over at me slowly and smiled nervously.

"Oh, nothing honey. Just you know my hmm underwear!" I slowly nodded. She sure acts strange, but I love her!

"Oh okay," I whisper. As I was about to get out she stopped me.

"Abby this is something I've been wanting to give to you. It's small but I hope you like it. Open it up at work...alone okay." I nodded and took the small box.

"I love it already," I admitted. She laughed at me and shush me away. I got out with a quick goodbye and closed the door. She sped away and I stood there.

"I wonder what's inside this beautiful box." I sighed and ran to my parents coffee shop. I couldn't wait to open my present, I thought excitedly. my papa and mama smiled at me when they saw me.

"Abby glad you're here. Mama and I are going to shop for the party. Watch over while we're gone." My papa said to me.

"Abby dear! Guess what!? you don't have to worry about the dress anymore,
I found the perfect one! It's going to look so beautiful on you." She joyfully said. She went to me and showed me a beautiful picture of a girl who was wearing a beautiful cream wedding dress.

"But this is for a wedding." I hesitated to say. She gave me a stern look and I looked down at my feet. I don't like getting into trouble.

"Abby it's a beautiful dress...if you don't like it you can choose your own. Maybe tomorrow we can go to New York City and look for a dress there. That would be such a difficult for your papa bu-"

"It's fine. Really. It's a beautiful dress I was just wondering is all. But not to worry I'll wear it." I didn't want my parents to worry over something so little.

"Thank you, Abby." She said. My dad gave me a smile and told my mom that it was time to leave. She gave me a hug.

"Don't worry we'll be back in a couple of hours. We can always stay if you're scared." My dad said. I shook my head.

"Don't worry I got this." I do, despite my parents being worried about leaving me alone, I still found myself working alone. They don't know this though. Whenever Daniel or I had to work together, he would leave after a while. It would only be me until closing time. I didn't ask him why because I know he'll get upset. My parents would get upset if they knew about this, so I stay quiet.

"Okay. Call if anything goes wrong okay?" My papa says. I nod my head. They both hugged me tightly, smothering me. After I got out of my parents hold, I went to grab an apron. My parents were out by 34 minutes. They worry too much.

6 Hours Later

By 6 p.m I was all still by myself. I sighed. I can open the present on the bright side. I looked at the box.

"Excuse me, you still open?." I looked over at the voice. It was a tall and I guess a good looking guy. He has blonde hair that goes to his shoulders and hazel eyes. He gave me a smile and walked over to me.

"ye-yes, we're still open." I nervously said to him. I get so nervous when I have new customers. but I went over to him. "What would you like?" I asked him. He looked over at the menu. I started to fidget I'm not good with strangers.

"Well, I like a black coffee." I nodded.

"Anything else?"

"How about a sugar cookie. I do like anything that's sweet." He gave him a wink. Fear started to raise in me. I don't know what to do so I just turned around. I started to make black coffee.

Everything will be okay Abby. I don't know but I have a bad feeling about this person.

Abby how rude of you!? I said to myself. You can't judge someone without knowing them. I sighed and turn around with a smile.

"Here you go!" I said brightly. He looked at me.

"Thanks, sweets." I try not to cringe at what he called me. My smile flattered and I gave him the bag and coffee.

"Here you go, sir." I emphasize the sir part, I don't want him to think I'm interested.

"Thanks. You know maybe you and I can go out on a date next week?" I stared at him in confusion.

I've never been asked out by anyone besides Dominic. I always said yes to Dominic because I wanted to but I don't want to go out with him or anyone else.

Sad isn't it? That my whole world seems to revolve around him. I shake my head , I can't think of these stuff.

"Uhmm you seem like a great guy but I'm not in-interested. I'm so sorry." I said awkwardly good. Amber always says that to the guys who ask her out constantly, well except the sorry part. she's never sorry for anything like this.

The guy furrows his eyes I think he's mad. I started fidgeting. I hate it when people get mad at me.

"Oh right. I forget you're in love with Dominic or some shit like that."

"What?" Am I that obvious? The guy snorted.

"Don't act so innocent. I'm going to have fun playing with you." The guy started leaning it very close to me and I quickly pulled back. He forcefully grabbed my forearms tightly and pulled me to him. I turn my head to the side and cried out in pain.

"Let Go!" I yelled. I wanted to pull away but he's too strong. I started crying. What's going on? I'm scared. I've never been in this kind of situation.

At that moment all I could of think about was Dominic. I need help. I struggle and push.

I quickly notice this guy was having a hard time controlling me to stay in one place.

"Stay still Bitch!" He yelled. I sobbed I was never called that word before. That's such a terrible thing to call someone.

"No! Let me go, or I'll tell-tell Dominic!" I yelled on top of my lungs. I then heard the doorbell ring. Did someone hear my screams?

I turn to the door and saw Dominic walking in. He looked so mad, that even fear flushed through my body, oh no this is not good.

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