Wedding Plans

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"Soooo," I said giddily. Amber looked at me suspiciously.

"What?" I rolled my eyes playfully.

"You have something in mind for your wedding dress?" She shrugged.

"Anything that's white and fits me is okay." Anthony started to giggle and pointed outside.

"What's that Anthony? Something nice is out." He nodded.

"Butterfly." I laughed and tickled his little stomach. He's so cute. Amber sighed. I looked over at her. She was stared longingly at Anthony.

"I'm so excited to start a family with Danny." I gave her a soft smile.

"You're going to be a great mother," I told Amber. Amber gave me a smile.

"Thank you. But I think you're going to be the best out of the two of us." I blushed.

"Have you and Dominic talked about children." I shook my head.

"I want children but I don't know what Dominic wants." She gave me a sympathetic smile.

"Don't worry Abby. Dominic totally wants to have a family with you." I looked at Anthony and started to play with his tiny fingers.

"What is it, Abby?" I shook my head.

"It's just that he's a bit different." I looked up. Amber stared at me intensely.

"He's so cold at times and he doesn't smile so much. I remember when he smiled so much and wasn't afraid to express his feelings. I-I don't know." I started to fidget. Amber took my hand into hers.

"Dominic has changed but the love for you is and will always be there for you. I strongly believe he loves you even more than before and maybe he'll love you another more tomorrow." She smiled softly at me.

"Just know that everything he has done was for you and his ga-family." I nodded my head. I gave her a big hug. Anthony who was between us started to squirm. Amber and I laughed and smother him even more.

"Abby you know Daniel and I are planning our wedding and we want it to be as quick as possible." I looked at her and nodded.

"B-But the dress, cake, tuxes, flowers, and so much more." She shook her head in disgust.

"I don't want to deal with that so can you please be my wedding planner/maid of honor?" She gave me a hopeful look. I was going to say of course when I thought of something.

"I'll do it on one condition." Amber looked suspiciously at me and nodded.

"What is it?" I looked around and mouth to her "later." I didn't want to say it with Anthony in the room.

Anthony quickly started to nod off into slumber. I chuckled and picked him up to go lay him on the couch. I brought a soft blanket so he wouldn't be cold.

"Abby what's the condition." I turn to her and slowly went to her. I twisted my fingers as I sat on my butt.

"I-I want you to tell me how to bringpleasuretoDominic." I quickly let out. I groan into my hands. This is so awkward.

"Oh, Abby don't shy away. It's alright." I felt her arms around me.

"I just don't know what to do. I've never done this before." She chuckled.

"I know Abby. I bet on a million dollars he's the only guy you've kissed." I looked at her in shock.

"Of course he is. Why would I do that with anybody you think he's kissed and done things with other people?" She looked at me with wide eyes. She turns her head.

"I don't know Abby. Guys are idiots and they do things because they just want to forget for a second." She shook her head and turn to me. "Ask him okay. Dominic will always be honest with you." I nodded my head. Fear started to plant in my stomach. I shook my head.

Dominic would never do that to me.

"Alright, Amber. Now tell me what I have to do." She chuckled.

"Alright student. Now guys are stubborn and have this thought that us girls need to be protected even from themselves. Now, this is where the fun starts. Seduction." Seduction? I looked at her confused.

"Wear that thing I gave you for your quince. He'll sure cum in his pants when he sees you. And flirt with him a little. Touch his arm, hand, waist. "Accidentally" have you breast touch his arm. Your ass grinds his groin." I blush and gaped at her.

"How do you know these things!?" She laughed.

"Abby I'm surprised how you didn't already know these things. Your literally the definition of a baby girl." I didn't want to ask what the was. For a moment I wanted her to believe that I knew what that was.

"Well ANYWAY, you can start acting a little bit sassy. Men love showing their woman who runs the house even though they deep down know it's their woman. Defy him a little. I know Abby you don't ever want Dominic to be mad at you but if you want him to do things to you just say no. Also just leave. It doesn't matter where and when just leave, that'll give you a good spanking." She looked up and down at me.

"Even though I know you probably got a little wrath of his hand earlier." I looked down at my twisted fingers and nodded.

"Don't be a shame, Abby. You have to be confident when you're with Dominic. Stop holding back with him. Even if you mess up on some things it doesn't mean Dominic's going to stop loving you. You both are new to all this so stop thinking your the one who's always at fault. Because trust me my big bro can be tough in all but in the inside, he's walking on eggshells making sure that he won't hurt his girl." She takes my hand.

"And Sometimes you have to step on those eggshells to get to understand each other more." I smiled at her.

"So what's next for the seduction plan?" She grins wickedly at me.

Oh, I can't wait to have Dominic...fully.
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