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Meeting Me in the Pale Moonlight by Lana Del Rey


When I was eight, Dominic and I got "married." My caramel was just eleven years old, no longer caring to play make-believe. Instead, he started to take an interest in other activities like sports and video games. But, anytime I wanted to play pretend, Dominic always happily obliged. He would be my everything in these scenarios, mimicking real life. He would be my prince, my husband, and the daddy to my porcelain baby dolls(which were like 10 of them).

But that night—when we got "married"—wasn't just another game to me, that night I felt something new. Even in my little mind, I understood that I wanted Dominic in my life: forever and always. Marriage was just one way to have him tied to me.

It was right in front of the pale moonlight. It's almost like time has washed over me, taking me back to Dominic's room.

"Caramel. Caramel"' I sang to my caramel. We were sitting around the play table in Dominic's room. We could've played in his family's playroom, but Dominic doesn't want that. He doesn't want to share me with anyone, only him. Well, that's what he told me.

Anyways, right now I am the princess and he is my big, scary huntsman. I wanted him to be my prince charming, but he thinks that role would be "too soft". He calls me his prey and wishes to keep me all for himself, whatever that means.

"Sunrise, what is it?" He asks. My Dominic is just 11 years old, and he still plays with me! Isn't he so sweet? Most of my classmates get mad at me for it. They wished that Dominic played with them. But only ME, I grab his hand tightly, and I even hear a crack.

"Hey! I need that, you know!" He says chuckling. My cheeks start to feel warm, I probably look like a dumb tomato. I act like such a baby sometimes. I hate it when my classmates call me baby, they pull my cheeks and always put me as the baby. I am still in second grade, and Dominic is in fifth grade. We're like worlds apart, I can't stand it!

"Dominic, why do you still...well you're 11...and well I still play with Barbies and stuff." I try to ask him. He's so, so much older, and super duper cool, yet he wants to hang out with ME!

Right now, we're having a big sleepover, it's the weekend so I am staying with Dominic's family for two whole days! But still, I know he can hang out with anyone, and yet he's here with me.

"If I have to play tea parties, fairytales, and house to see you smile, I will do it for the rest of my life," Dominic tells me as he gets up and picks me up. He hugs me to him.

I am so tiny and he is so big. I jump and down, begging to get picked up. And he does. He twirls me around, I giggle and don't stop giggling as he blows raspberries into my neck. I start to squeal like a little piggy, burying my chin into my chest.

"Caramel! Stop!" I say in between giggles. He stops and twirls me even more. My arms try to wrap themselves around his neck, but I can't. He sits me down, but I hold onto him. Hugging him. He makes me feel so warm and happy. Like no one can hurt me, not even my parents and brother.

I look out his window, into the moon. I want to have a wedding right now, like the one in the movie we just saw. The one where the princess gets married to her Prince Charming. But only Dominic doesn't ever want to be the Prince. No, he'll continue to be my huntsman, and I'll marry him as such.

"Caramel, I want you to be my husband," I tell him. I look into his eyes, scowling. Determined to have my make-believe wedding.

"Well Abby, that's what grown-ups do. You're just a baby!" He teases as he sets me down. I'm hurt. He hurt me. I start to tear up, sniffling at him calling me a baby.

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