Making Amends

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*Love On The Brain by Rihanna*

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Danny knocked on the door furiously. Oh no, he's mad.

"Dominic I need to speak to Abigail." I looked at Dominic and saw him rolling his eyes.

I tried getting up but Dominic held me down.

"You're in no position to get up." I looked down at my naked body.

"Daniel I'll be out there to explain." Dominic looked at me and kissed my cheek softly.

"Get dressed and come outside when you're ready." Dominic kissed me.  I blush and nodded my head. I quickly went into the bathroom to get clean up.

Oh man, I have no panties. I went to Dominic's drawers and looked for his boxers. I started to look until I found them!

Which one to pick? Wait Abby snap out of it. Your brother is probably mad at you for yelling at his girlfriend and telling her horrible things.

"You fucking asshole! You think I'm going to let this go. She was crying you ass!" Daniel snapped. Oh no.

"I understand Daniel I would too but man let them settle it. It's between them not you so do everyone a favor and fuck off." Daniel sighed.

"She has to learn." Dominic probably said something but I couldn't hear. I grabbed Dominic's white undershirt and put it on not but I heard a 'thud' I looked at the thing that made the noise.

Oh, my cupcake! It's a gun! I gulped why does Dominic have a gun? Guns are bad and they kill.

"Dominic," I whisper. Suddenly the door open I let out and yelped and closed the drawer quickly.

"Abby?" Dominic said. I look over at him and gave him a nervous smile.

"What's wrong?" He asked. My smile dropped. I looked at him in question.

"Daniel. Is he mad at me? I should go out and apologize." He shook his head.

"The only person who you should say sorry to is Amber. She's downstairs. You should go and talk to her." I dropped my head and nodded.

"I will. I'm sorry Dominic for acting the way I did. I was just really scared." I started to play with his shirt. Dominic sighed.

"You shouldn't be. You should never think that I would betray you. It has and always would only ever be you." I looked at him and sign in relief.

"I promise to never react that way again." I went to him and kissed his cheek.

"I have to go downstairs and apologize." Dominic nodded.

"Go before she leaves. Daniel calmed down and realize this was between you and her." I nodded and turn around to leave.

I was about to leave but Dominic stopped me.

"Abigail I like punishing you. I like feeling my hand spank your soft and tempting ass." I blush and quickly got out. I heard Dominic chuckle. He is such a TEASER!

"Dumb Carmel." I started to walk down the stairs. I was kinda nervous. What am I going to tell Amber? Well first that I am sorry for ever thinking that she would do such a thing. Then I will explain why. Oh no! She's going to hate me forever.

"It's okay. She will forgive you. She has to." I whisper to myself. I walked downstairs and wonder where she would be. Hmmm. Oh, I know! She usually likes going to the game room. I went and open it. I saw her and Jason playing with blocks. She looked so interesting in the playdate that I didn't what to bother her. I was about to leave.

"What brings you here Abby?" How did she know I was here!?

"I uh wanted to speak to you, Amber. To apologize for my dumbness and insecurities." I walked to them. They were lying down. I sat on my bottom and looked at them. Anthony was like in his own world just smiling. I smile at him and wonder how he can be happy all the time.

"Why did you think I would do that to Daniel? To you?" I suddenly felt nervous and panicky.

"It's's just you're so much better than me. Everyone loves you Amber and they always want to be with you. You're just so much better than me." I confessed. Amber sat up and looked at me.

"You're jealous of me?" She whispered. I looked at my fingers and nodded.

"B-But why? You're so much better than me." I snapped my head to her and looked at her if she was crazy.

"Me? No, I'm not. You're so pretty, smart, confident, and strong. And I'm not." She gave me an empathic smile.

"You are so blind sometimes Abby. Don't you see you're so beautiful, kind, and sweet? You're so rare and Dominic is so lucky to have you." I blush in embarrassment.

"Daniels lucky to have you too," I said to her. She laughed.

"I know he is." I giggled.

"So you don't want that friendship bracelet back." I shook my head. I felt really guilty that I said that to her.

"I'm sorry Amber. I shouldn't have said the things that I did. I was just so hurt." I played with his shirt and suddenly felt hot. Amber took my hand and clutch it.

"Abby I understand. But you need to understand that Dominic would never do that to you." I nodded my head.

"I know. I was just so dumb. I know he or you would never ever do such a horrible thing." She gave me a hug and I squeezed her.

"Let's promise to talk to each other before jumping to conclusions okay?" I nodded my head. She held out her pinky. I shyly smiled at her and pinky promise.

"Promise." We said together. We giggle. Anthony looked at me and smile. He held out his hands out for me to hold him. I grabbed him and gave him butterfly kisses. He squirmed around in my arms. Amber and I started to laugh.

I felt a little relief. Like I'm happy and content.

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