Beautiful Moments

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*Suggestion: Listen to the song Die for You by the Weeknd while reading this chapter. I am in love with this song. It's so good. Highly recommend it to all you lovely people* 



"You made this?" I asked Abby. She nodded and continue to eat her pancakes.

"I knew these are your favorites." Warmth and love filled my heart.

"Come here, baby girl." She stood up. She had my shirt on. It stopped midway.

She straddles me and looks right into my eyes. She leans in and touches her lips with mine.

We slowly kissed for a while. Damn, she makes me so fucking hard. I laid her down onto the blanket and softly kissed my way down her neck. 

"Oh, Dominic. That feels so good." She whispered. Pride swelled in my chest. I made her feel good. I will live my whole life making sure I'm the only one making her feel this good. 

I slowly slid my fingers down to the hem of the shirt she was wearing. This was it. She and I are going to make love. I bit of panic struck me. 

Will I do good? I hope so. No, I know I will.

 She used her feet to slide down my boxers to take them off.

I slid my hand on her pussy and open her pussy lips. I started to rub her clit to bring her pleasure. I read that if she gets off that pain of me taking her virginity won't feel so bad.

I moved my mouth down towards her beautiful pink perky tits and started to kiss them. 

She gasped and arched her back. She is almost ready. I move to line myself.

As she orgasm, I enter her gently as I could. She cried out and I stopped midway. This is her limit.

I kiss her.

"It's okay, my sunrise. The worst is over." She nodded her head. She wrapped her arms around me and whisper to continue.

I thrust into her. I moan at the sensation. She's so warm and tight. Fuck this feels so amazing, no better than amazing. 

I furiously started to rub her clit. 

She was brought to her pleasure. I tried to pull out but her legs tighten on me.

"Abby!" I came inside her. I groan and dropped my body a bit on her. Not too much, I don't want to hurt her with my weight. After a few minutes, I rolled over. 

I looked over her. She had her eyes closed and a soft smile.

I popped myself on my elbow. I linger my finger on her face down to her chest.

I moved and kissed her neck. I wrapped my arms around her. Protecting her from whatever.

I glance at our pile of clothes. My silver gun shining through the darkness.

Reminding me of what I truly am. I looked down at my beautiful girl. 

Innocent, sweet, kind Abby gave herself to a heartless, murderous, mad man. 

She is perfect and I am not. She is everything and I am nothing. And for that, I will be eternally grateful to have her as mine. 

I will die, lie, and kill for her. 

I close my eyes and went into a dreamless dream.
I felt soft kisses on my chest. I open my eyes and sat up. Abby continues her assault on me.

I softy chuckle and picked her up. I walked us into the river.

"This is one hell of a way to wake me up," I said to Abby. She moaned a hmm.

When we're in the water. I held Abby with one arm and used the other to guide my member into her sweet bliss.

She gasped and dug her nails into my shoulder blades.

I kept thrusting into her and murmuring how good she feels. How wonderful she is.

After she came I soon follow. She sighed lovingly and loosen her grip on me.

I clutch her to me and twirl her around the water.

"Let's get out here. I don't want you to get sick." She giggled and kissed my neck.

"That was so GREAT! Let's do it every second." I smiled at her.

"I don't think your dad will appreciate me lavishing his daughter in his own house." She pouted.

"Who said he'll have to know. I'm 18 and I can make my own decisions. Why can't you sneak in or I'll come over your house." She grinned.

"Let's just get married and move in. Or move in together." I smiled at her innocence. She thinks it so easy. And maybe it is. I have the money and the resources for her to be secure in a beautiful apartment.

But I know the families and they'll want me to introduce the lady of the head mafia. They would want me to bring her to Christians, parties, charity events.

HA! In one week someone will ask her to be the godmother of their newborn.

Sweet, innocent Abby will have to be forced to be in the spotlight and sought out for anything and everything. 

Shes too kind to say no or to put her foot down.

"Dominic don't think too hard on it. It was just a silly idea. Forget I said anything." I looked at her and smiled.

"No Abby. I'm quite excited about the thought of us to moving in. Here's what. Whatever your heart desires I'll do it. If you want us to move in together, I'll get the apartment of your dreams. If you want me to sneak into your room, I'll climb the tree next to your window. If you want to stay with me, you can come to my room at any moment." She blushes.

"Okay imma think about it and I'll tell you in..." she paused.

"I want to move in and get married." She gave me a shy smile.

"And in between a baby." Shit! I laughed and shook my head.

"Abby I don't think we're ready for a baby." She rolled her eyes.

"Let's see I love children. I can even change a few diapers. I read almost every baby book. And you are amazing with your younger siblings. You discipline them, protect them, make sure they have everything they need. We'll do everything in our power to keep our babies safe and well-mannered. It's not going to be you and me, it's going to be us." I sighed at the idea of a baby.

It's not like I never want to be a father. But the thought of a screaming wailing baby scared the fuck out of m.

Now that I'm thinking about it. If it's it's Abby's baby, I'll love and spoil that baby. I'll give them what they ever want. They'll have me wrapped around their finger. Just because they'll look like a mini Abby.

But the thought of my baby. I get terrified. Terrified of the life that can be brought to them. I'm scared they'll hate me or worse...fear me.

I want them to live life and joy. Not to suffer as I did.

I have to be realistic here. Abby and I had sex and her being pregnant is possible.

Fuck she can be pregnant with my kid.

I waited for fear to come. But none came.

She is right. It not going to be her or mine kid. It's going to be ours.

Our baby, our responsibility, our joy. I love Abby with all my heart but I'm ready to share a room for our babies.

I smile gently at her and clutch her to me.

"A baby. You sure you want a baby?" She smiled at me and I knew.

I kissed her neck and walked us out of the river.

"Alright your wish is my command."


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