Gun Wounds

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I wake up in a white room, probably located in the infirmary. Unless for dire reasons, we avoid the hospital at all costs. Abby is of course next to me, her hand clutching into mine. She gasps and sobs when I lock eyes with her. She sits in a small chair, so close to my bed. Her serious expression tells me that I shouldn't bark out an order.

I want to tell her to get out of here, that this type of room and the memories that are attached are not for her to touch. Only I can't because I am so scared that if she goes, I'll be gone.

"Abby?" I whisper. She takes a glass of water and brings it to my lips. I open my mouth and gulp the tasty water in one go. She quickly refills the glass using the pitcher that is on the nightstand. I only drink half of the water, and try to sit up. Abby doesn't let me though, she gently places her hands on my chest, stopping me.

One word to describe my Abby right now is: scary. She is a mess, too. Her chocolate brown hair is oily, her makeup smudged, and she's wearing one of my white undershirts and sweats. The dark under circles are purple and blue giving her a sickly look.

"Abb—Baby, I'm okay. Come here." I nod my head to let her know I want her to climb into this bed. She bites her lower lip and crawls onto the bed. She curls into my left side, avoiding my lower abdomen. I feel a tingling pain in my lower right but nothing I can't bear. Right now, I need to focus on my woman. My baby.

"Were you scared, my baby?" I cooed at her. She gasps and wraps her arm around my neck pulling me close. She gently kisses my neck, breathing me in.

"Dominic, I was so scared. Please, no more of this." She whispers into my ear. I wrap my arm around her waist, burying my fingers into her.

"No more of this. I promise." I tell her. She nods and continues to kiss my neck. Never letting me go. I close my eyes, getting lost in her affections.

"Mr. Bellucci, you're awake." Doctor Schultz tells me. I snap my eyes at him, irritated at him for disturbing us.

"Yes! He didn't wake with any fever, and he seems to be thirsty and hungry." Abby says as she moves her head from my neck.

"It seems the antibiotics are working, we removed the bullet quickly and efficiently..."He hesitates but continues.

"I told your wife this, but one inch deeper, and it could've ruptured your organs." Abby goes back to nestle her face into my neck.

"Well, it didn't. So, there is no need to bring it up. Now leave." I bitterly say. The doctor nods, and leaves. Abby stays silent for a bit but gets up to leave.

"And where do you think you're going?" I bark out. She stops her movement but then continues to get up.

"You have to eat. You must start your recovery soon." She tells me. I observed her when she gets up and goes to the door to open it. There, my ma is outside. She practically runs inside the door and to my side. She has a tray full of different glasses filled with some disgusting juices.

"We must get you strong and healthy figlio mio" She scowls at me. my son. I furrow my eyebrows but I see her hands shaking. She's anxious and nervous about this whole thing. She has never seen me in this state before, so I let her fret over me. After some time, I tell Abby to go, and take a shower and wear something decent. She comes back in 20 minutes.

During her absence, I drank the bitter fruit juice that my mother made me. It seems I'm on a fluid diet for six weeks. I checked my gunshot wound, and it looked rather disgusting but nothing like I've seen some of my men endure. I'm all wrapped up and should make a full recovery in some weeks.

"Dominic!" Abby says walking fast into my room. I smile at her, chuckling at her appearance. She's wearing one of my sweaters and black leggings. She's wearing slippers, and she looks so adorable. Her hair is so wet, it seems she barely got out of the shower before coming back to me.

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