Chapter 1

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You coughed up blood and it splattered all over the ground. A single tear escaped from your eye as you turned to see your family and friends, dead. All around were bold stamps of black wings on the ground, what happens when a fallen angel dies. Your back ached and your head throbbed, but You weren't letting go quite yet. As the last soldier of your army, alive at least, You had to hold on. Maybe someone will find you. You laughed a sickly laugh as you thought of that. You might as well let go now, no one is coming. Maybe that demon will save you again! Yeah, and unicorns will fall from the sky. It's impossible. The unicorns, and the demon that had saved you so many years ago. You were just a young child, and the demons had attacked your village, causing heaven to collapse for the 1,463 Angels that were in the Area. As You fell, You watched as the demons attacked you all, one by one. You watched as Angels' lifeless bodies fell to the ground, and all of the wings stamp to the ground. Just as you were going to hit the ground, he appeared. What was his name? S- S- Something that started with an s. To be honest, as a child You were quite devilish for an angel. Maybe that's why he saved you. You never really knew why. Maybe that was why you held on. To life. Just to see him again one day. A sharp pain in your neck interrupted your thoughts. You looked up to see one of them, a demon, with a angel knife covered in blood, your blood. That's when you decided it was over, it was time to let go. Your time had come. This was the end.

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