Chapter 4

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"A-Alois?" Alois smiled and nodded. You shivered at the demonic glare of his butler, Claude. You knew a demon when you saw one. "Claude... Faustus?" He smirked a bit and nodded. "Funny seeing you here... On earth." Your heart broke at the sound of his name. Claude had been your best friend as a human, before you died in a raging flame and became an angel. Claude died in the fire with you, but.. His soul didn't follow yours.  His name was... Different.. Back then, but you didn't remember it. So, you accepted the name and called him Claude. Sebastian wasn't 'Sebastian's' name either when he had saved you, but once he had made his contract with Ciel... His name changed. Nobody knew his real name anymore, except him. Sebastian kept a vague memory of his name in the back of his mind, while others referred to him as 'Sebastian.' The same must have happened with Claude. "C-Claude..." You began to tear up again. "How- How could you?" A wide grin spread across his face as he replied. "I'm just following orders." You're eyes began to glow red, something that rarely happens to angels. "I- I thought.. We were.." You sniffled and struggled in the chains. You felt them loosen, so you continued to work at them, bit by bit. After a few more seconds, the chains loosened and fell into your hands. 'Not.. Yet' You thought. You had to wait for the right time. Alois turned to confront Claude, and you realized this was your time. You silently climbed out of the chains and began running through the darkness. You groaned as you ran into a wall and fell to the ground. You stopped your rapid thoughts as you realized.. The wall was.. Soft? That can't be right. You slowly directed your gaze to the figure that was standing in front of you. "Now, now. We have a runner, do we?" You whimpered as you realized that you had run into.. Claude. Alois followed him and glared at you. "You know, sometimes its hard to catch someone when all they do is run." Alois declared. Claude smirked. "Sebastian would be ashamed, you couldn't even look where you were going." You growled. "This is because of... Sebastian, isn't it?!?" "Why, of course. Why else would I waste my time on you? You've caught my interest." You stare at Alois, then direct your gaze over to Claude. You look to the floor, then back up at Alois, who stuck his hand out for you to grab. "Come on, Y/N, lets go upstairs. You've been asleep for 3 months. Some sunshine will be good for you." Your eyes widen. "3 months!?" You squeaked. Alois nodded. "A lot has happened.. I nearly killed Ciel trying to get you here." You glare at Alois. He looked  back at you, and guided you up the stairs. He pointed to a wooden door at the end of a long, narrow hallway. "That's where you'll sleep, okay?" You nodded, and he guided you towards a beautiful glass door, with the sun shining through. You ran up to the glass and observed the shimmering light. Alois pulled you away as the light was blocked by a shadow, and the glass shattered as an object busted through. "Y/N!! DUCK!" Alois called. You immediately did so, and barely dodged the flying doom. You flew towards the 'object' once you realized what it was and wrapped it in a hug. "Sebastian!" You squealed. You blushed and pulled away from the hug, but you didn't have much time to think things through. You were swept off of your feet and carried away from the butler. You reached your hand out to the demon. "Se-ba-st-Ian!!"

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