Chapter 12

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Then he-
Swallowed. He looked at you, muttered something, and took another bite. "It's good." He told you, and within minuets the meal was devoured.
'Point me.'
Sebastian smiled at you. But not a kind smile, or even a 'good luck' smile. It was an 'I'm going to win' smile. "So, which one did you enjoy the most, My Lord?" He asked. "Definitely Y/N's. No question." Sebastian's eyes widened. "Y-Y/N?" You smiled at him. Ciel looked back and forth between you and the butler. Sebastian's shocked face, and your pleased one. "You two would make a good couple. You should get together." He stated, and stood up. "Wha-?" You began to question but snapped your mouth shut. Ciel walked away, heading towards his study. "Wait!" Sebastian stopped him. He cleared his throat. "Is that an order?" Ciel froze dead-step. "Yes." He rolled his eyes. "It's an order." He continued walking, but it was your turn to freeze. You stood, staring at Sebastian. A deep blush crept across your face as he walked over to you and placed a kiss on your lips. You kissed back for a moment, then yawned. "I'm exhausted." You exhaled. "I'm going to go to bed." You turned and walked towards your room. "Goodnight, Sebastian." You opened your door and flopped onto your bed. You yawned and shut your eyes tightly, causing you to fall into a deep sleep.

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