Chapter 11

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You immediately got to work, frantically grabbing random spices and oils from wherever you could. Sebastian gracefully glided across the room, grabbing only precise ingredients. "You might as well give up now!" You laughed as you dumped olive oil into the pot. "Now, Y/N, we both know that won't happen." Sebastian replied as he sprinkled salt into his pot. You smiled and grabbed a bag of flour from the cupboard. "Don't use all of it, I'm going to need some." Sebastian warned. You didn't listen and poured half of the bag into a large bowl. Sebastian ran to grab the bag from you and....
The bag tore in the middle, covering both you and Sebastian in flour. You busted out laughing, practically passing out. Sebastian smiled and got back to his cooking, still covered in flour. You did too, and eventually both dinners were done.
You walked out to the long table Ciel was sitting at and set your 'dinner' in front of him. Sebastian elegantly placed his tray in front of him, too. Ciel glared at you, then Sebastian. "Please explain why the two of you are covered in flour?" You held in a laugh. Sebastian bowed. "I apologize, Young Master.
Y/N and I got into a little... Challenge. It won't happen again." Ciel scoffed. "It better not. Now, go clean yourselves up. I can't have anyone seeing my guests covered in flour." He shooed you out of the room and you immediately walked to your room. Swinging the door shut, you went to change your clothes. You pulled out a simple (Color) dress and began to undress your clothes. It only reminded you of the trouble you were going through. You shook it off and changed into the dress, and made your way back downstairs in a hurry.
Ciel sat at the table, eating the food Sebastian had given him. "What is this supposed to be?!" He inquired, gesturing to the bowl of possibly edible food you had made. "Oh... It's.. Egg-Oil-Spice. Yeah, that's it." You replied. Ciel shrugged and put a spoonful in his mouth.
Then he-

-To be continued-
Yep. That just happened.

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