Chapter 20

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Deep, ear-piercing laughter filled the room. You winced in fear and took a few steps back. Your legs shook violently and you felt like you were going to throw up. "Scared?" The booming voice returned. You nodded slowly. The devil snapped and a nearly transparent body appeared before you, one that looked like a splitting image of you, except for the fact that it was clear. The devil laughed again as your eyes grew wider. A shrill scream filled your ears as the clear version of you slowly fell to the ground. Her skin began to peel off of her body and her pleading screams filled the room. You tightly shut your eyes, trying your best to block out the noise. You reopened your eyes and saw the girl was gone. You sighed in relief.
No more of that.
You felt strong, familiar arms wrap around your waist and carry you bridal style. "Wha-" You began, but before you could finish the warm air around you was replaced with cold air, and the surroundings were suddenly familiar. You were back at the Phantomhive manor at last. You sighed and flopped down on a nearby couch. Sebastian sat beside you, still tense. "Sebastian," You started to say, but Sebastian suddenly leaned over and kissed you. You quickly kissed back, and for what seemed like an eternity you stayed like that, before someone uncomfortably cleared their throat. "Would you two stop it already? Where have you been? It's been 3 days!" A young voice demanded. Sebastian mockingly looked at Ciel and kissed you again. You pushed him away and blushed like crazy. You felt Sebastian stand up, so you did too. You nearly fell back down in shock when you heard a door suddenly slam open. "Bassy-chan!" Grell came stumbling through the door. You rolled your eyes and stepped closer to Sebastian. "Where have you been, Bassy? I was looking everywhere for you!"
"He was here once an hour!" Ciel complained. Grell directed his gaze to you. He stared at you with a disgusted look on his face. "Don't tell me you were with her." Sebastian wrapped his hand around your waist and pulled you closer to him. "Yes." He replied. "I was." He spun you around and gave you a long, drawn-out kiss, more than enough to gross Grell and Ciel out. Ciel just shook his head and walked up to his room, while Grell made gagging noises and stormed out of the manor. Sebastian laughed and headed up the stairs towards Ciel's room. You flopped back down on the couch and curled up with a blanket. Before long, you were fast asleep.

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