Chapter 5

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You sped up and turned down a dark hallway. Sebastian followed close behind, gaining speed with every inch. You were practically flying down the hallway, and everything around you was just a blur. Sebastian slowed down and turned around, as if he had given up. You felt yourself slow, and you were set down into darkness. Who you saw hadn't been Claude, but a man with short, floppy, dark-purple hair and a white shirt, covered by a dark tan vest. He smiled and bowed. "Hello, I'm Canterbury." He gestured behind you. "Those are my brothers, Thompson and Timber." Two red headed boys stood behind you, wearing the same thing as the first- Canterbury. Both boys bowed and whispered something to each other. The three boys looked almost identical, except for the way each of them parted their hair. 'She's pretty.' Thompson had whispered. 'I hope she stays here for a while.' You fell to your knees and examined the room around you. The only light was a small window in the back corner, barely big enough to fit a rock through. "I-It's dark.." You whimpered. "And cold.." Timber bowed and ran off, while Canterbury and Thompson began to light candles. It didn't take them long, not even a second was wasted. The light revealed a simple room, with a bed and a tall, wooden dresser in the back corner. You began to explore the room as Canterbury came back with a heap of blankets in one hand and some Tea in the other. He smiled and walked towards you, lying the blankets carefully on the bed and gave you the tea cup. From the smell alone, you could tell it was strong. You took it and.... Threw it back into Canterbury's face. "I don't eat! Or drink! Shouldn't you know that?" Timber bowed. "I apologize, Miss Y/N. It wont happen again." Canterbury wiped his face with a small rag and tucked it back into his vest. All three boys bowed, whispered to each other, and walked out. With nothing else to do, you flopped on to the bed and gazed around at your new life. "Goodbye Sebastian..." You muttered. Your eyes came upon a small, black spider in the corner of your room. You immediately took the shoe you were wearing and chucked it at the spider. Your shoe whacked its target and

fell to the floor, with a small, soulless spider following it. Bull's-eye. You tightly shut your eyes and began to drift off to sleep.


You awoke in the morning, or at least it seemed like it. You opened your eyes and looked at the ceiling. "Did I... Dream?" You questioned yourself. "Yes, you did. It was rather disturbing.. You were moaning -his- name all night." An all-to-familiar voice responded. "Claude! Have you been there all night?! You stalker!!" He simply smiled, bowed, and headed towards the door. "I was very disappointed when you killed my.. Friend.. Last night, Y/N." His eyes flickered to a pinkish- color. "I thought you were smarter than that." He finished, and walked out the door at the front of the room.

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