Chapter 23

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A thick cloud of smoke filled the building around you. Multiple females sat on couches and chairs, wearing almost no clothes at all. Ciel immediately walked to Lau and sat on the nearest couch, making himself comfortable. Lau was the first to speak. "We have some news on your parents murder." He said, almost uncomfortably. Ciel snapped his attention to Lau. "As in..." He continued "Who did it." That statement got your attention. "W-who..?" Ciel nervously asked. You practically choked on the suspense. Lau stared at Ciel for a while, then shifted his gaze to you. Ciel whipped his head around, fire in his eyes.
"Y... Y/N?" Lau nodded slowly. Your body began to shake, and you suddenly felt like you had to throw up. If looks could kill, you would be dead 1,000 times over. It was true, you had done it. You had killed a young child's parents. It wasn't entirely on purpose, though, you hadn't meant to kill anybody.

It was a stormy night, much colder than most, especially at this time
of year. You were scared, terrified even. Emotions swirled up inside of you like a tornado. But most of all, there was rage. You were furious. Demons had attacked you, injuring your upper arm and ruining your shelter. What purpose did they have, attacking you? You sighed, wandering around the forest. You soon came upon a mansion. You stood, watching the manor for hours. A young boy, no older than 10 lived there with his parents. Overtaken by rage, you watched closely as the family left their home. You growled. Why should they get to be rich and powerful, when you had nothing? You used every ounce of power that you could muster up and caught the gigantic manor on fire. But you hadn't seen the family walk back in. You heard screams of terror and pain, and the young boy ran out of the manor, tears in his eyes. You ducked behind a tree and ran, forcing yourself not to look back.

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