Chapter 24

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Ciel had a mixture of pain and anger written on his face. Tears were streaming down his face and his fists were clenched into balls. "You.. You monster!" He screamed, lunging at you. You turned and ran, out of the building, out of the city. Ciel and Sebastian ran close behind you, following your every footstep. "Sebastian!" Ciel screamed, his voice cracking. You turned to look at the pair and ran smack-dab into a tree. The force knocked you over, giving Ciel a chance to catch up to you. You curled into a ball and laid against the tree, your head throbbing. Thoughts buzzed around in your head, and you could barely focus on what Ciel was screaming. You took a deep breath, desperately trying to breath steadily. Tears were heavily streaming down his face. "How- How could you?" He asked in between sobs. He fell to the ground and landed with a thud on his knees. He sat like that for a moment, the only noises being his soft sobbing. You couldn't think straight due to your injury, let alone move and run. All you could do was stare, and watch this broken child come to his senses. Sebastian stood behind him, not moving an inch. After sitting for a good 45 seconds, Ciel looked up at you with a deathly expression.
"Sebastian." He ordered. Sebastian looked at him, awaiting orders.
"Kill her."
You sat, frozen. "M-My Lord.." Sebastian interjected. "Sebastian, I order you to kill her." Sebastian still didn't move, obviously caught between the one he adored and the one he had formed a deal with. "Kill her, or the deal's off!" Ciel screamed with whatever voice he had left. Sebastian flashed his eyes to Ciel, than you. He nodded slightly, making an internal decision.
"I'm sorry, Y/N." He whispered. He advanced slowly; hesitantly. You stood and moved to run, but he stopped you. "I'm so sorry.." Tears were welling up in his eyes as he advanced towards you, holding a blade in his hands. He moved closer, only inches away from you. He took another step, and your stomach felt as if a hundred hornets had stung you in the same spot. Sebastian kissed you, passionately. You kissed him back with all of the strength you had, knowing that this was the last time you would see him, betrayed or not. You couldn't find it within yourself to be angered, maybe due to your weakness and exhaustion. Or, you corrected yourself, it was because you loved him. You closed our eyes, squeezing out tears.Your whole life flashed before your eyes.

You were young, and your whole family was dead. You wished you were to. Demons had done it, they had killed everyone and everything you had ever known and loved. Tears were rolling down your face as you plunged towards your inevitable death. Why couldn't it just be over with? You fell, watching your friends and family get slaughtered before your eyes. The worst part was; you couldn't do anything. You couldn't scream, you couldn't move, let alone fight. It was over for you.

You smiled slightly when the memories came flooding back to you.

A young, raven haired boy caught you. He looked to be around your age, maybe a year older at most. He smiled a protective, boyish smile, showing off his sparkling white teeth. You looked into his eyes and gasped. They were a crimson red color with a hint of pink. He was a demon. You tried to scream, to push him away and make a run for it. But you couldn't. You just lay there, gazing into his eyes. He must have sensed your uneasiness, because he put a finger to your mouth and whispered a "Shhh. I'm on your side." You felt as though you could trust him, despite him being of the race that had just murdered your family. Tears ran down your face, dripping onto the ground. The boy carried you away from the scene and brought you to a small setup in the middle of the woods, far away from the horror that you had just experienced. The boy lay you down on a soft bed that felt as if it were a cloud. He smiled again, only a half smile, and used a wet cloth to tend to your injuries. He brushed the hair away from your face and wiped away the dry tears that clung to your cheeks. Then, he gently dabbed the scrapes and stab wounds that you had gained from the attack. You almost immediately felt better. You gazed into each others eyes for a moment before he stood up and spoke. "You need some rest." He declared. Your eyes involuntarily fluttered shut at the mention of sleep. The boy laughed slightly and turned, walking out of the room and leaving you to sleep. By the next day, you were feeling better, well enough to move and talk. He came in at the crack of dawn to check on you. By then you had awoken and were sitting up on the side of the bed, waiting for him. He smiled, the half-smile again, and waved. "Good morning." He greeted. You smiled, too, realizing you could trust him. "Good morning." You raspingly replied. He grinned widely. His eyes lit up at the sound of your voice. "Good." He said. "That means your getting better!" The boy walked over to you, re-tending to your cuts and wounds. He looked up at you. "My name is Sebastian." You smiled and locked eyes. "Mine's Y/N."
The days after that were pure bliss. You're state continued to enhance with every passing day, as did your emotional state. Being around Sebastian made your mood brighter, he was your shining sun. Then the day came when you had to part.
You had made a full recovery by then, and you were dead-set on avenging your family. You would often pace back and forth, plotting your revenge. Sebastian tried desperately to change your mind, but you had already decided. You were going to join the Angels' Corps to fight the awful demons. Sebastian often pleaded, saying that you would be killed and it would be safer to just stay with him. You didn't listen.
And look where that got you. Hundreds of years later, you were saved by that same demon yet again, only this time it was due to your idiotic choices. But was it worth it?

You smiled at Sebastian; a half-smile. His eyes were filled with confusion and tears, and he looked to the ground. "I'm so sorry, Y/N." A tear dripped from his face and landed on the ground, soaking into the soil. He looked up and his Crimson eyes met your (e/c) ones.
"I'm sorry." He whispered.

Then everything went black.
- The End -

Wow. So there we have it. This story has taken up exactly 1 year of my life today. It has been an amazing journey and I have learned so much from it. Thank you to all of my readers, commenters, voters, everyone. You were all my motivation to continue this story. I wasn't going to finish it at first, because I figured, 'Hey, I suck at writing. Nobody's going to read this!' And look at it now. 11k views!! This is a great accomplishment in my life and I'm extremely thankful for every single reader that I have. You guys all mean so much to me. Every individual comment, read, and vote made my entire life a whole lot brighter. Thank you all so much. This experience has helped me grow as a writer, and also as a person. Every single person that read and will read this has made a huge impact on my life. I hope to stay in touch, and maybe write a few more fanfictions in my lifetime. Again, thank you all.

So long and goodnight.

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