Chapter 6

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"Claude.. I hate you. With a burning passion." You muttered to yourself as you sat up on your bed. A loud noise took your attention. It seemed to be.. Right outside of the window. Before you could contemplate what was happening, the wall behind you caved in and a familiar butler stood, smirking at you. It turned out to be midnight, due to the darkened color that covered the sky. "Hello, Y/N." You squealed and ran up to him. "Sebastian.. What took you so long?! I was actually starting to think you gave up on me..." He sighed and scooped you up in his arms. "I had to get a chainsaw from this idiot..." You turned your head to see a brightly colored Man-woman-thing run up behind him. "Oh, Sebas-Chan!! You can drop the act, we all know I'm the prettiest woman you've ever seen!" Sebastian sighed. "Grell, you're not a 'woman.' And if you were, I have seen much more attractive females than... You. Such as Y/N, here." You blushed and smiled at.. Grell? That's a funny name.. But it seems so.. Familiar. Grell scoffed and twirled in a circle. "She's not even that pretty.. Not nearly as attractive as you, my sweet Bassy!" Sebastian turned and punched Grell in the face. "Oww." Grell groaned, but immediately stood and smiled at Sebastian with sharp, pointed teeth. "Y/N?" Alois called from the hallway, and opened your door. Sebastian grabbed you and jumped on the roof, running full-speed away from the Trancy Nightmare. "Claude! GET THEM!!" Alois ordered. "Yes, your highness." He responded as he leapt onto the roof, following you. "Grell! Chainsaw-Now!!" Sebastian commanded. "Oh, but surely you can fight him yourself, Sebas-Chan!!" "GRELL! NOW!!" Grell sighed. "Okay, but only for you, my love!" Grell remarked as he pulled out his dashing chainsaw. "Okay, Claude. Now.. You.. Die!!" He laughed as he charged, swinging his chainsaw wildly. Claude dodged most of the swings, excluding a few that struck his arm and leg. He continued to run towards you, determined to fulfill his master's orders. Grell looked disappointedly at his chainsaw. "Hmm.." Grell stood, contemplating why his chainsaw had missed its target. Grell shrugged and charged again, striking Claude in the center of his back. He coughed up blood and fell to the ground, seemingly unconscious. "Se-Bastian... Let me down." You order. He does so, and you scramble to Claude's injured body.


Sebastian comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you, whispering in your ear.

"We should go.." He mutters. "Yeah.." You respond. Grell glares at you, fire in his eyes. "BASSY?! WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING HER, AND NOT ME?!" Sebastian turned and grabbed Grell's chainsaw from his hands and aimed it at him. "Don't.. Make me use this, Grell." He said through gritted teeth. You pulled his arms back. "Woah, Sebastian. Calm down." He sighed and put his hands to his sides. "Thank.. You, Y/N." He scooped you up bridal-style and continued running towards the Phantomhive manor. You looked up at Sebastian and blushed, remembering what Claude had said. 'You were moaning -his- name all night.'

You yawned and drifted to sleep, careful not to think about the demon that was cradling you.

"Good night, Y/N."

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