Chapter 14

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"I hope so.." You sighed. Sebastian picked up speed, then skidded to a stop in front of a small shop. "The... Undertaker?" You questioned as Sebastian set you down. He nodded and spoke. "He knows a lot about this kind of.. Thing." You nodded and walked into the shop. The walls were lined with black coffins, one of which a man with long, gray hair emerged from. "Hello Sebastian." He stated as he hopped out of the coffin. "Did you finally kill that little brat?" Sebastian sighed. "I wish." He muttered as he grabbed your waist and pulled you towards him. "I need your help." The man grabbed your arm, and you squirmed to get away. You didn't know him, he could be taking you to your doom.. But Sebastian would save you.. Unless he was in on it.. Your thoughts battled each other until Sebastian's voice comforted you. "It's okay, Y/N. This is The Undertaker, he's going to help you." You nodded and walked along with the man.

He seems... Strange.

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