Chapter 8

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The door startled you out of your thoughts as it flung open. A red-headed woman stood in the doorway, with round, white glasses covering her eyes. "Hello!" She blurted. "I'm Mey-Rin, the maid!" You smiled and introduced yourself. "I'm Y/N, pleased to meet you." A blonde boy wearing a gardening hat poked his head through the doorway. "Hello!" He beamed. His beautiful blue eyes sparked as he stated his name. "I'm Finnian, the gardener! But you can call me Finny!!" "Hi, Finny." You responded. A man with a cigar in his mouth walked into the doorway beside Mey-Rin. "Names' Bardroy." He muttered. "Call me Bard." You nodded and sighed. "Mr. Sebastian told us to introduce ourselves..." Mey-Rin sqeaked. "Yeah!" Finny added. "Well, it was nice meeting you all!" You waved as the three turned and walked out.

'Hmm... They seem... Odd.'

You thought to yourself, but shrugged and flopped back onto your bed, rolling over onto your side. You yawned and closed your eyes, preparing to sleep. Footsteps creaked against the floor as you rolled over and saw Sebastian creeping towards you. "Sebastian? What are you doing here?" You managed to whisper. He smirked and sat on the bed next to you. You sat up and gazed at the bed, avoiding eye contact. Sebastian put his fingers under your chin and moved your head up, so that your E/C and his red eyes met. "Seba-" He interrupted you with a passionate kiss. You didn't know how to react, so you decided to kiss back. The kiss lasted 17 seconds, you were counting in the back of your mind. You pulled away and stared into Sebastian's eyes. "Se-bastian?" He looked away and blushed. You hugged him tightly and laid down on the bed. You rolled to your side once more and drifted off to sleep.

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