Chapter 15

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You followed The Undertaker down a series of long hallways, his hair gently flopping with every step he took. "Who's that?" You asked as you walked past an open coffin... With a body inside. "Ahh, his name was Levi." He answered as he continued walking. You nodded as you approached a steel back door. It swung open as you stumbled in. You froze mid-step, staring at what sat in the middle of the room.

A torture bed.

You shrieked as The Undertaker dragged you to the bed and tied you to it. "This will only hurt... A lot. Sorry!" He laughed and pulled a teal sword out of a steel sword rack and brought it to your neck. "W-What are you doing?" You stuttered. "Getting the demon out. That's what you wanted, right?" You nodded and bit your lip. "We have to kill it. It... Hopefully won't kill the angel. Oh well, we'll have to take our chances!" He pulled back the sword and pain throbbed throughout your body as he struck.
Then everything went black.

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