Chapter 22

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You woke up with a loud thud and a sharp pain in your shoulder. Sebastian chuckled slightly and leaned down to help you up. You laughed at yourself. Wow. I fell off of the bed. Smooth. The manor smelled amazingly of cinnamon. You took a deep breath in and went to investigate where the scent was coming from, careful not to trip and smash a tooth out. The scent carried you to the dining room, where Ciel sat eating cinnamon rolls. He didn't seem to notice your presence, he was just concentrated on eating. Sebastian followed close behind. Ciel finished his food and pushed his plate aside. He stood up and, paying you no mind, made his way up to his study. Sebastian took the plate and set it in the sink. He abruptly turned and scooped you up bridal style, planting a soft kiss on your forehead. "I love you, Y/N." He gently brushed a strand of hair out of your eyes. "Don't you ever doubt that." You nodded, your body feeling as if it were about to explode with happiness. "I love you too, Sebastian." He nodded and set you down on your feet. "How about we go into the city?" He asked, walking up towards Ciel's study. You nodded fiercely. Sebastian smiled and kept walking towards Ciel. "Good." He reached the top of the stairs and knocked twice on the door of the study. A groggy "Come in." Was heard and Sebastian opened the door. "Young master," he bowed "Would you like to go into the city?" Ciel looked up for a split second and nodded slowly. "Prepare the carriage." He ordered, and Sebastian immediately nodded and went to fulfill his masters orders. You followed close behind, watching his every move. If only words could explain the feeling gave you.
Within minutes the carriage was prepared and so was Ciel. You sat in the front with Sebastian and held on tightly to his arm. He smiled warmly and the carriage slowly began to head towards the city. You took a deep breath, savoring the scent of fresh air. The outline of the city grew nearer, and you clung even tighter to Sebastian's arm. You arrived at the beautiful city of London and smiled broadly when Sebastian picked you up and spun you around, placing a light kiss on your lips. "I love you." You whispered, and Sebastian lovingly returned the phrase. You held hands while you walked along, paying no attention to the busy world around you. You were completely at peace, until Ciel decided to pay Lou a visit.

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