Chapter 3

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Your eyes flutter open to an unfamiliar setting. You struggle to stand up, and realize that you are chained. You try to calm your rapidly beating heart as a shadow creeps toward you. As the shadow approached, you formed it into a tall figure. "S- Sebastian?" You manage to whisper. A deathly chuckle was heard from the dark figure as you realized it was not the butler that had saved you years back. "Your angel isn't here to save you this time." The figure stated as he emerged from the darkness. "B- But..." You fight against the chains and lunge yourself forward and feel your eyes begin to tear up. "N-No.. This can't be happening.. Please..." A soft cry escaped your lips. "Oh, come on Claude. Don't make her cry." A blonde-haired boy emerged. "We don't want to scar her." His beautiful blue eyes glared at the man-Claude. Claude bowed and stepped back, leaving the blonde boy closest to you. He leaned down and wiped a tear from your cheek."It's okay, we won't kill you... Yet." He smiled at you and turned to Claude. "Claude, go prepare the spare room." He spun back to you. "That'll be your room, okay?" You nod and whimper. "Who-Are you?" The blonde smiled. "I'm Alois. Alois Trancy. And this is my butler, Claude."

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