Chapter 21

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This chapter is dedicated to @TigerCorn ! Happy birthday!!

A strong hand shook you awake, along with a squeaky voice. "This wall is so dull!" It exclaimed. "It needs more pink!" A blonde, curly haired girl ran around the manor, flinging bright pink banners and streamers all over. "CIEL!" The girl screamed. A groggy Ciel slowly walked down the stairs. "Yes, Lizzy?" So this was Ciel's fiancée. You laughed a bit at Ciel's miserable mood and made your way towards your room. You brushed through your hair and changed into a f/c dress and black flats. You opened the door and was immediately greeted by Sebastian. He smiled and the two of you wandered towards the kitchen. "So, what are the streamers for?" Sebastian turned and descended down the stairs. "It's the Young Masters birthday today." He replied. You smiled a bit. Sebastian did, too. You reached the bottom of the stairs and walked into the kitchen. Sebastian immediately got to work, making a cake. You got out the ingredients and helped him make the cake. "Does this happen every year?" You asked him. He looked confused. "I mean, the decorations. Does Lizzy do this all the time?" Sebastian's eyes flashed with annoyance. He nodded fiercely. You laughed and started to mix the cake batter. You put it in a large bowl and stirred it thoroughly. Once it was completely stirred, you dumped a bit of it into a circular pot-type-thing. Sebastian took the cake batter and the pot thing and kissed your forehead. "Why don't you go help Lizzy with the decorations, and I'll make the cake?" He smiled. You nodded and walked out of the kitchen and found Lizzy running frantically around the manor. "Lizzy?" She stopped abruptly and stared at you. "Do you want any help?" She nodded quickly and ran up to you, dumping pink decorations in your arms and running away. You shrugged and got to work, decorating however you pleased. After about an hour, you collapsed on the couch. You looked over and say Lizzy literally dragging Ciel across the room in a poofy dark blue outfit. He looked so miserable. "Please, Ciel?" Lizzy begged Ciel for something unknown. Finally, Ciel nodded and Lizzy cheered. She ran out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded Ciel in the middle of it. You laughed and wandered off to find Sebastian. Ciel stopped you about halfway to the kitchen. "Y/n?" He asked. You spin around and stood, staring at you. He opened his mouth as if he were about to say something, then he shut it and shooed you off. You shrugged and walked into the kitchen. You stared in awe at the creation Sebastian had expertly crafted. On the counter stood the most amazing cake you had ever seen. I mean, he was a demon, but making a cake like that took skill. The cake had dark, navy blue frosting with white ribbons surrounding the edges. It was very large, 3 layers, and had small patterns in all of the frosting. It was amazing. The Phantomhive crest was imprinted on the top. Even for a demon, this was extreme. You nodded in approval. A hint of relief showed on Sebastian's face. Sebastian wandered off, probably going to set the table for Ciel's birthday. You awkwardly stood in the kitchen before deciding to do something productive. You spun around and ran smack-dab into one of the servants. "Bard!" You greeted. He smiled slightly. "Y/n!" He replied. Finnian followed not to far behind him. "Hi Finnian!" You smiled and waved. He smiled back and the two boys walked around you to an unknown destination. You shrugged and found your way to the room where Ciel's birthday was set up. There was a very large table with chairs and plates set up around it. That's strange. You thought. I thought it would only be the 8 of us. You pushed it aside and sat down in a chair. You were sitting for what seemed for 10 minuets before Ciel, Sebastian, Lizzy, and the servants entered the room. You stood up and Sebastian carefully placed 15 candles into the cake and lit them with a strange looking lighter. Sebastian placed the cake in front of Ciel and the servants, Sebastian and You sang Happy birthday. Ciel rolled his eyes and blew the candles out. Lizzy cheered and Sebastian served the cake. Ciel and Lizzy got the first pieces, of course,but you didn't mind. The servants sat on the other end of the table, which you didn't mind to much. You delightfully ate your cake. It tasted like heaven had melted and turned into a cake. Your eyes widened as soon as you took the first bite. The rest of the night was spent conversing with Lizzy and Ciel, and before you knew it, it was 8:00. Ciel retired, Lizzy went home, and the servants went to bed. Sebastian went to clean up the cake and you went up to your room. You changed into a nightgown and flopped into your bed. Within minutes, you had drifted to sleep.

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