Chapter 2

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You try to open your eyes, and it works. You only see darkness, and you assume this is the void. You had heard of it before, it is where angels go when they die. Their soul gets trapped in eternal darkness, and that's where they rot for-well, eternity. But you had a bad feeling about this place. It didn't seem right. Voices took your attention, and you then noticed you were alive. You fluttered open your eyes as the darkness became a blurred world. As the world slightly cleared, you saw a firmiliar raven haired man leaning over you. He smiled a devilish smile as he turned to a young boy with navy blue hair. The boy looked at you, and then muttered something to the raven haired man. "Sebastian!" The boy boldly spoke, "Who is she?" The man smirked, and replied to the boy. "An old friend." Sebastian. That was the name of the man who had saved you as a child! Could it be him? Your blurry vision cleared, and you immediately remembered the man. This was him. This was the man who had saved you before, and you had been saved yet again. The young boy spoke to Sebastian, and then turned and left. He turned to you, and noticed you were awake. "Hello beautiful, how have you been?" His voice brought you comfort. You smiled and replied as best as you could, "Sebastian?" Sebastian smiled and leaned in, hugging you tightly, without hurting you. You hugged back, and thought you heard him sniffle. His hug brought back warmth and memories, of the times you had together when he saved you, and while you were recovering. A clatter startled you out of your daydream, and Sebastian did not look very pleased. "Sebastian?" A voice pleaded from outside of the door. Sebastian sighed and immediately went to the door, opened it, and left. You smiled a little on the inside, and then noticed where you were. You were in a room, rather big, with a bed and a couch on the other end of the room. 'This must be the hospital' You thought, but your thoughts were dashed as The blue haired boy entered the room. "Y/N, is it?" He asked, curiosity in his voice. You could only nod in response. "So, a friend of Sebastian's are you? By the way, I'm Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian's master, Also the head of the Phantomhive family." You smiled and tried to speak. Ciel put his finger to your mouth and shushed you. "You shouldn't be speaking yet, Y/N. But you are a tough girl, I'll give you credit for that." You nodded and smiled. "Sebastian is my butler. You see...." His voice trailed off. "Would you care to hear?" You nodded, and Ciel began to explain his life to you, in the lies as if you were human. You knew the true story, of Sebastian and what he was. Ciel's soul was the top buzz in heaven. Every angel,- and demon- knew everything about him. Sebastian just so happened to get ahold of him first. You managed to speak, and crackly muttered, "I know the real story, Ciel." Just as you opened your mouth to speak again, blood came pouring out of your mouth. Your eyes got puffy and red, and your bones weakened. You felt like dying. Your eyes fogged up and you started to get weary. The last thing you saw was Ciel, jumping back stunned, and Sebastian running into the room. Then, the world swirled and faded into darkness.

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