Chapter 17

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The scores are tied, so I may do one of each, or just do option 2.

-Chapter 17-

Sebastian stopped.

Then, a deathly silence filled the room for a matter of seconds and you heard a clatter as something metal, presumably the demon sword, hit the ground. "You're... Right. She needs help." Sebastian muttered and footsteps thudded near you. Warm hands wrapped around your waist. You were lifted into the air and spun into a bridal-style position. You felt a tingling sensation all over your body, then... Heat. Fires crackled around you. You felt Sebastian tighten his grip on you, he knew the dangers of this... Place. Within a second, you knew exactly where you were. Sebastian's 'original' home.

Pleading screams surrounded you as tortured souls cried for help. Sebastian sped up his pace, now speed-walking to wherever his destination was. You stopped after a few dragging minuets, what seemed like hours, and a door creaked open. "Sebastian?" An unfamiliar voice questioned. "What are you doing here?" Sebastian paused. "I- It's Y/N." You heard fire crackle towards you as the man reacted. "Isn't that the Angel?"

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