Chapter 16

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You opened your eyes- well, at least you thought you did. You still couldn't see anything. You had no control over your body, all except for your hearing, which seemed to be fuzzily working. "Oops..." The Undertaker muttered. A door slammed and you felt a familiar hand touch your face. "What did you do to her.." It growled. Then, the hand left your face and a loud cracking noise filled the room, followed by a loud bang. "What have you done?!" Sebastian grunted, and another cracking noise filled the room. Followed by another... and another. And another. Then a shaken voice interrupted them. "W-Wait.. Sh-She needs h-help.."
Sorry it's so short, I'm running out of ideas. I've recently been watching/reading the Phantom of the Opera, and Black Butler takes place in the same time range, so if you guys would kindly vote in the comments, the most voted option will be included/stay the same.
Option 1: Include something about The Phantom of the Opera. (Such as going to the Opera, meeting the Phantom, ect.)
Option 2: Continue writing about Black Butler only.
Vote below!!

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