Chapter 19

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"I said, help her!"

Sebastian's voice cracked.

"I can destroy you, Sebastian. Everything you are, anything you ever will be. Gone. In the blink of an eye. I won't hesitate." The hissing voice grew louder by the word. "Destroy me, then! Kill me, if it'll save her!" The voice let out a frightening chuckle. The chuckle grew louder. "I like you, Sebastian. Let's just say... You're my favorite. I'm glad I own your soul. There!"

You coughed.

Your body tingled from your head to your toes, the feeling was coming back into your body. In fact, it ached. Every inch of your body throbbed. You coughed again and struggled to open your eyes.

"Y/N!" Sebastian's voice cracked. "Oh, thank god. I thought you were gone forever!" He kissed you gently and you were immediately sparked with life. You stood up, examining your surroundings. You stepped back into Sebastian's arms, in fear, when you saw a fearsome creature. It stood in darkness, surrounded by shadows. It had vicious fangs and beating red eyes, giving you one conclusion.

"I-Is that?" Your voice quivered. "Yes, it is." Sebastian answered.

"That is my 'father,' Satan."

"S-Satan?" Your voice quivered even more. This was him, the devil himself.

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