Chapter 18

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Sebastian froze. Not a sound was heard from either of the demons, neither Sebastian or the guard-man. "Is that the Angel?" He demanded once more. "Y-Yes." Sebastian replied. "But, she's only half angel now. She's half demon!"
The flames slowly crackled to a stop. "I see." The guard stepped away. "You may see 'him' then." Before you had time to wonder who 'he' was, Sebastian ran into a cold place. Even though you couldn't see it, it still gave you chills. Sebastian's footsteps echoed throughout the room, giving it a more eerie effect. After what seemed like hours, the footsteps stopped, and the room warmed up. "What do you want?!" A voice hissed. Sebastian paused. "I-I, Sir, I need your help. Please." The voice let out a booming laugh. "And why would I give you help? This is supposed to be a punishment, Sebastian."
'What's supposed to be a punishment?' You thought, but obviously couldn't ask, due to your unconscious state. "Please- Sir, I- I'll do anything. Just please, help her!" Anger boiled in Sebastian's voice. "Help her, now."

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