Finral x Reader

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Finral laid on your lap as you continued to read your book, he buried his face into your stomach. Your hand subconsciously ran through his new hairstyle and you continued to massage his scalp. This was a normal thing since you joined the black bulls, he clung to you which you didn't mind at all. You shocked Yami, and the other black bulls when they found out every captain raised their hand for you but you chose the Black Bulls.

You never gave them a reason why, you just said it was the one you always wanted to join.

You hummed slightly turning a page in your book before hearing Finral's soft snoring. You glanced down at him and smiled to yourself resting your hand from stroking his hair. You continued to read, not noticing everyone's attention was on you and Finral. You two didn't know but everyone was wondering when Finral was going to ask you out on a date, and to be his girlfriend. They all knew of his feelings towards you, they just didn't know what you felt for Finral, you were harder to read than Finral.

After a few hours, you finished your book and set it aside on the table grabbing your glass of water and finishing it off. You set the cup on the table and began stroking Finral's hair before looking down at him. You both met eyes, and you blinked not realizing he was awake you both stared at each other before he adverted his eyes elsewhere. You hummed gently closing your eyes before feeling Finral sit up causing your hand to fall into your lap.

You opened one eye to see he was close to your face, and he was blushing really hard. You felt a blush dust your cheeks at the closeness. You glanced around to see you two were alone in the living room, and you met his eyes again. He stroked your cheek before leaning his forehead against yours closing his eyes, Finral felt his heartbeat increase more. He was hesitant on asking you out since he was always rejected by every girl, but he felt like you were different from the other girls.

"(Y/N), I have a question for you..." He said now sitting beside you looking at his lap, you grew a bit worried since this was a little out of character since he was always flirting and trying to attract girls he likes.

"What is it?" You asked taking his hand into yours to let him know everything was okay and that he could talk to you. He took a deep breath, before meeting your eyes once again, he held both of your hands before finally spilling his heart out to you.

"I love you, I know it may not be believable since I was always flirting with girls. But I swear I will stop, I have stopped because I want to be with you. You are the only one I want. Please give me a chance, and be my girlfriend. I know I am weak but I feel like when it comes to you, you are worth fighting for. I love you so much." He said squeezing his eyes shut, your eyes widen slightly in shock, he took your silence as rejection and he adverted his eyes. He could feel the tears brimming his eyes, after you came down from the shock you tilted his head up to look at you.

"I would love to give you a chance Finral, I love you too." You said, his eyes widen and he smiled leaning in and pecked your lips lightly. You closed your eyes, and before he could pull away you tangled your fingers into his hair. You both melted into the kiss, and he wrapped his arms around your waist. After a few moments, you both parted from the kiss and leaned your foreheads against each other. You both had big smiles on your face, you reached your hand up to his face and wiped the tears from his eyes with your thumb. He blinked before realizing he was crying and he pulled away wiping his tears.

"I am sorry, I don't even know why I am crying."

"Hey, it's okay happy tears are allowed those are the only tears allowed." You said and he smiled before hugging you. He clung to you, happy that he was able to hold you and call you his officially he swore to himself he would do anything to make you happy because you meant the world to him.

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