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I Siriusly Don't Understand || Completed by halpal2020
I Siriusly Don't Understand || Hallie :)
"Bloody hell," whispers James. "I don't think I've ever seen that before." All I can do is stare blankly at him. "she was just so nice about it...
  • pettigrew
  • potter
  • marsrawls
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Follow Me by mtasherr
Follow Meby mtasherr
The story about the alien who took her to war.
  • mystery
  • scifi
  • creative
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ECFUGIUM by Azurithes
ECFUGIUM - Escape, flight, exit: an act of breaking free from confinement or control. 7 boys crash their ship on an uninhabited planet.
  • yoongi
  • jeongguk
  • bangtansonyeondan
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Oxygen Conspiracy by SeaJellies17
Oxygen Conspiracyby Madeline
  • teen
  • martians
  • oxygen
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/ Mars One \ by Graciey48
/ Mars One \by Agent Gracey
It's 2026, mankind is in the process of sending man not to the Moon... But to Mars. Four ordinary teenagers have been selected from a group of over 200,000 candidates. T...
  • mars
  • scifi
THE END by divinelygraceful
THE ENDby divinelygraceful
In a post apocalyptic war zone, the human race is coming to an end. Over time humans have branched out onto five planets instead of one, but the planets are at war. Eart...
  • saturn
  • stars
  • jupiter
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Breath by nmkerr
Breathby N.M. Kerr
Earth sends the first colonists to Mars in a glorious bid for expansion and the preservation of the human race. But low budgets, the inevitable restrictions of space fli...
  • exploration
  • mars
  • space
Talking To The Moon: Song Series by thewritingangel
Talking To The Moon: Song Seriesby thewritingangel
At a young age, Charles experienced the grief of losing a loved one. His older sister, Karen, disappeared, and proof points to kidnapping. Charles is determined to find...
  • moon
  • dosomething
  • bruno
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Dear Camilla, Where Are You? -on hold- by DoubleBelle
Dear Camilla, Where Are You? -on Belle(s)
Who knew school projects were actually fun? Flamboyant Camilla Rose Parker and reserved Angelie Baker were just email pen pals for school – “KNOWING A LOT ABOUT EACH OTH...
  • halloween
  • networking
  • sarcastic
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Venus' Mars by ChocolateChipsKookie
Venus' Marsby ✴JJK’s✴
[Venus and Mars Story] Mars- God of War Venus- Goddess of Love and Beauty. They were defined like that in the Greek Mythology. But here, Mars is a playboy who like to...
  • sehunirene
  • exo
  • redvelvet
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???? by Crebobr22
????by Crebobr22
John Cena and Stephen Curry go to Mars to save Johns 394845691825629381th cousin.
  • book
  • cool
  • golden
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Jupiter and Mars. by DropsOfJupitar
Jupiter and Astride c:
"That's Not My Name!"~ Dot-Marie Johnson never had a challenge in life. She had her friends, and her paint brush. Casper Harold never had a challenge with wome...
  • mars
  • love
  • art
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When Two Different Worlds Collide by Funrockz
When Two Different Worlds Collideby Funrockz
When Gemma and Leo were children they were the best of friends, and made a promise to never forget each other. Now many years later they meet again...
  • space
  • stars
  • thoughts
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Love lasts Forever by Margauxm118
Love lasts Foreverby Margauxm118
Maggie, a 17 year old, has a rough home and school life. Her mom is rarely home because of work, and her dad is abusive and drinks. Maggie meets a boy, Bruno, and they g...
  • bruno
  • bmars4ever
  • mars
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A Journey To You || PJM by anonymous_1674
A Journey To You || PJMby ❣️
Boy flies to Earth and meets his love, -but would it be that easy? Hmm... I wonder what happens while flying to Earth _______ © anonymous_1674
  • bts
  • mars
  • jimin
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Flashover by voodooattack
Flashoverby Abdullah Ali
Darren Swenson is a normal teenager, and an excellent coder. He's curious, he's intelligent, and he's madly in love with science and technology. What will happen when he...
  • nanobots
  • computing
  • technology
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Faded  by awkwardpotata
Faded by ⒶⓏⒾ
When humans weren't satisfied with the destruction they brought to Earth, Mars was next on their list. And it looks like Aileen was the required sacrifice. (it's a story...
  • drones
  • silessa
  • dystopia
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The Ninth Keeper by MadelineHopwood
The Ninth Keeperby Maddie
Our nine planets are protected by nine immortal Keepers. The Monarch is the lifeblood of the Milky way galaxy and brings peace and order. What happens when another keepe...
  • planets
  • universe
  • poison
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Against The Gods vol. III e IV by ordinariio
Against The Gods vol. III e IVby ordinariio
Um garoto esta sendo caçado por varias pessoas porque ele carrega um tipo de tesouro. Ele pula do penhasco para não permitir que peguem seu tesouro e acorda no corpo de...
  • autor
  • gravity
  • mars