||Falling From The Sky||Black Clover x Reader|| by Melodichii
||Falling From The Sky||Black Selina
(Y/n), Yuno and Asta aim to become the Magic Emperor, but in this world magic means everything. (Y/n) learns the true meaning that peasants are weak and that the powerfu...
  • clover
  • asta
  • anime
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The Misfortune Champion by Skullz_Rose_Blue31
The Misfortune Championby | ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴᴢ-ɢᴋ |
After Ash has been betrayed by his friends, family and Pokemon, he is left with nothing else, no money, no food, nothing. That's when he met Arceus, the God of all Pokem...
  • ashxcynthia
  • shirona
  • indieshipping
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Violent Desire by lovelyleto
Violent Desireby lovelyleto
She is his assistant. He is a well-known actor and musician, but he is also her boss. They've known each other for years, and there is nothing more than friendship betwe...
  • mature
  • jaredletosmut
  • 30stm
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Adventure | Bruno Mars by running-outof-time
Adventure | Bruno Marsby K
Bruno and Audrey are two creators trying to make a name for themselves in Los Angeles. They happen to meet one night and immediately become insperable, but tensions of...
  • music
  • thesmeezingtons
  • brunomars
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A Second Chance | Nikki Sixx by sighcarls
A Second Chance | Nikki Sixxby ıllıllı ѕιχχ ıllıllı
The year is 1992, it's been 9 years since Carly and Nikki have gone their separate ways. Through that time, Carly and Nikki's life has drastically changed. Nikki is marr...
  • fanfiction
  • mick
  • glammetal
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Eye of the Beholder by JimHeter
Eye of the Beholderby Jim Heter
This story is a work in progress. Much may change before it is done. It will be a sequel to "...And We Will Have Snow," a continuation of the Culver family his...
  • space
  • shaman
  • moon
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THE VISITOR by TonyHarmsworth
THE VISITORby Tony Harmsworth
Specialist astronaut Evelyn Slater encounters a badly damaged, ancient alien artefact on the first ever space junk elimination mission. A security clampdown is imp...
  • spaceship
  • spacestation
  • orbit
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Astronomicon 2: Distant Relatives by Astronomicon
Astronomicon 2: Distant Relativesby Paul Vincent
The sequel to "Astronomicon: The Beginning" marks a serious and exciting expansion of the scenario. When what was thought to be an asteroid cloud turns out to...
  • mystery
  • mars
  • thriller
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long exposure one shot thing's by Qu33nB3322
long exposure one shot thing'sby the one weirdo
so I read this one comic call long exposure by Mars and I wanted to write some ideas I have for this so you can also request things if you want too.
  • othercharacters
  • mars
  • gayness
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Starstruck by BrendaHiatt
Starstruckby Brenda Hiatt
Nerdy astronomy geek Marsha, M to her few friends, has never been anybody special. Orphaned as an infant and reluctantly raised by an overly-strict "aunt," she...
  • romance
  • featured
  • fiction
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The boy next door//jesse underhill smut by giovannyxAdymyorba
The boy next door//jesse Luv u❤️
Jesse is your new neighbor and he's and social media influencer but he's trouble can you stay away from him
  • jesseunderhill
  • badboy
  • fanfiction
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the space between us [finn wolfhard x oc reader] by milevenn_
the space between us [finn piece of shit
"sometimes I feel like I live on an entire different planet" "tell me about it" an alternate universe finn wolfhard fanfic that's based off the movie...
  • fanfiction
  • ốc
  • calpurnia
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I Siriusly Don't Understand || Completed by halpal2020
I Siriusly Don't Understand || Hallie :)
"Bloody hell," whispers James. "I don't think I've ever seen that before." All I can do is stare blankly at him. "she was just so nice about it...
  • lupin
  • evans
  • rawls
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afraid to let go|| jesse underhill by sAtAnIsZaDdY
afraid to let go|| jesse underhillby ZoZo'S nIeCe
"if you love me let me go" "i love you too much to let you go"
  • zephanclark
  • jesseunderhill
  • colbybrock
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Nothing on you by ValentinaBlasa
Nothing on youby Valentina Blasa :3
SUMMERELLA ,que gano con mirar y no sean tus ojos los primero que vea?,que mas quisiera yo, que ser la almohada donde reposar tu sueños,guardar aquí en mi corazón tu amo...
  • amorprohibido
  • mars
  • mejoresamigos
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Broken without you by hooligan921
Broken without youby Hooligan921
Bruno and Jasmine were beautiful couple. They've been together for many years and did nothing but love each other. But watch how one argument can change their life, and...
  • bruno
  • brunomarsfanfiction
  • hooligans
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『PriPara Idol Academy』 by GoldenConstellation
『PriPara Idol Academy』by ❥ Yuna
Manaka Laala, a soon to be Idol, is a regular sixth grader with her best friend Yumekawa Yui. There are two ways to get in PriPara Idol Academy : 1.) You apply, but the...
  • saints
  • dressingpafe
  • mydream
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Bride of The Sun by mazuwaloeya
Bride of The Sunby Marsella Azuela
FOR THE SYNOPSIS READ THE FIRST CHAPTER! Buku ini sudah tamat :DD hanya saja dipindahkan formatnya ke format cetak :D Bagi yang tertarik untuk mengetahui kelanjutannya...
  • romance
  • mars
  • planet
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