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Magical swordman (male reader zoro x black clover)(rewriting)  by Akio538
Magical swordman (male reader Nothing
You are zoro enjoy also i dont own black clover or one piece
A Little Boys Chills by xxxbees
A Little Boys Chillsby xxxs
Asta was tortured and beaten at the church. Everyone hated him. He left, living as a thief u til he could finally get his grimoires. Asta then found out that he could re...
The Ninja Mage (Black Clover x Sharingan Reader) by Luzius1
The Ninja Mage (Black Clover x Luzius1
What would you do, if god killed you and asked you to save one of his worlds? (Y/n): HELL NO! God: WELL I WASN'T ASKING! Here, take this Sharingan and Darkness Magic! (Y...
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My name is Isana. I am what you would call a fujoshi and otaku(the ultimate trash). Recently, I got addicted to this manga/anime called Black Clover. I loved it because...
The Daughter of the First Wizard King by Love_Luna360
The Daughter of the First Wizard Love_Luna
The first wizard king left a final message before he spent his time sealed away. " Time will come that my child will be born, it may take hundreds of years before h...
Hiding - Yuno x Asta (Black Clover) by Jaweltz
Hiding - Yuno x Asta (Black Clover)by Weltz
Asta felt his Ki and it wasn't pleasant. Running around the dark forest from an infuriated Yuno, he scampered down the uneven ground with unshed tears forming around his...
What if Izuku Midoriya was born in black clover and were Asta and Yuno's childhood friend and rival?
The Mad Hatter (Black Clover Fanfiction) by Ur2chaotic
The Mad Hatter (Black Clover AHHHHHHHHHH
"It's always time for tea~!" -Mady ●●● Klaus Lunettes, a member of Golden Dawn, had a little sister that was disowned by their parents. Her name is Madyline L...
Black Clover : Multiverse 2.0 by tanjirop
Black Clover : Multiverse 2.0by Dark Traid Asta
Black clover react to their Multiverse...
Curses by DarlingAsta
Cursesby Natalie
Yuno is six years old when Asta dies trying to get his pendant back. And he is six years old when he brings Asta back as a monster. Or Asta dies that night in the snow a...
Black Clover: Golden Hope by Lynxwarlord12
Black Clover: Golden Hopeby Lynxwarlord12
Mana, the extremely vast source of magical energy which serves as the foundation of all life in a world where magic dictates everything. Its energy is an essential comp...
RETURN OF THE HERO by tanjirop
RETURN OF THE HEROby Dark Traid Asta
Three Years after Elfs invasion,Asta returns to Clover Kingdom..But he's is somehow Different....How will Everyone react to it..? Does Asta even wants to associate with...
Her illness|| Yuno x reader  by XxMadison17x
Her illness|| Yuno x reader by Maddie
In a world where magic was everything, y/n had a limit on hers, as a princess of the clover kingdom, she had great power but was forbidden from ever exiting the castle g...
Black Clover × Male OC by Airashi_Bani
Black Clover × Male OCby Airashi_Bani
[Got a description] Sukiyaki Mikasa is a boy who looks like a girl. His magic is pretty simple and relaxing, nature. Adopted in a loving family, Sukiyaki learns more abo...
William Vangeance's little brother by da_foxy
William Vangeance's little brotherby da_foxy
Asta wasn't really treated well at the Church, they treated his older brother Yuno extremely nice because he had powerful magic and he was talented while Asta hasn't unl...
moonchild || Yami Sukehiro by _melodytae_
moonchild || Yami Sukehiroby nicki
In which Audrey Zogratis wakes up in an unknown place with no recollection of how she got there. She then discovers who she truly is and the true depth of her powers and...
William Vangeance's little brother 2 by da_foxy
William Vangeance's little da_foxy
This is the second book of 'William Vangeance's little brother' so if you haven't read it yet, go ahead and read it before this one but, if you want to just skip to this...
The Foreigner (Yami Sukehiro Love Story) by Janeenhall3
The Foreigner (Yami Sukehiro Janeenhall3
This is a story about Yami and a woman named Kosuke. Kosuke is the crown princess of The Land of the Rising Sun. When Kosuke comes of age they hold a series of games dur...
Anti-Matter by NikolaJ_03
Anti-Matterby NikolaJ_03
In this AU of black clover our protagonist Asta will have anti magic and ??? magic. In this AU many things will be different from the original one . Read to find more...
The Lost Heir by M3rxity
The Lost Heirby M3rxity
The Gryinrball family once ruled over spade, with the help of the Staria family. It was peaceful But that all changed one night. Asta Staria was left in Hage While Yuna...