Twenty-Two // Try Hard

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I knock on Caroline's front door three times.
It swings open right away.
She's standing there, holding her purse at her knees with both hands.
She drops it and throws her arms around my neck.
I wrap my arms all the way around her.
She's breathing heavily.
"I'm scared." She whispers.
"She's gonna be okay. Let's get going, baby."
She picks up her purse and intertwined our fingers as we exit.
Fucking great.
"Calum! Calum! Is this your girlfriend? What about the girl from the party last month?"
"Calum Hood! Are you and Caroline dating?"
I wrap my arm tightly around her waist as she covers her face with the purse.
We get into my car, and the driver speeds off.
Caroline falls asleep on the way to the hospital.
It's the hardest thing in the world: watching your whole world fall apart in front of you.
Because her world fell apart.
Her world is gone.
Now she's just stuck with me and the memory of what she had.
And she hasn't even cried.
She hasn't said anything.
And that's what scares me.
"Do you want to eat?" I ask when we get back to her place.
She shakes her head.
"Do you want to sleep?"
She nods.
I grab her limp hand and walk her to her room.
She lays down on her bed and lets me take off her shoes.
I tuck her in and kiss her forehead.
"Please call me when you wake up." I tell her.
She just closes her eyes.
"I love you, Caroline." I say as I walk out.
Peggy is standing in the doorway of her room, a tear rolling down her cheek.
"God, she was so young." Her voice cracks.
I give her a long hug.
"I think you two need each other right now. Please call me if you need something, okay?"
Peggy nods.
"Okay. Thanks, Cal. You do a lot for her. You should know that."
I smile.
"I try."

A/N: hey this was really really short and uh yeah but it was important so uh yeah ok important stuff
if you follow me on Twitter then you know I added a lil surprise fanfic called "oops." It was an ash fanfic and I was really excited about it but I ran into some difficulties and decided to call off the story. My Luke fic, "Ultraviolet" is finally up. It's gonna be pretty cool if you ask me. But uh, yeah. That's it for now. And I think I wanna do a lil competition when this story is finished. What do you guys think?? Comment and vote pretty please!!!!!!!! (You're all amazing)
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